Monday, December 10, 2007

Pet Peeve Numero Uno

I keep telling myself that I'd like to make a pet peeve list - for no particular reason, just because. Maybe so I can expand on them and see if they bug the crap out of other people too!

So here's numero uno on the list (more in the future)...

Male/Middle-seat train riders!

I was coming to work this morning and I was in a window seat of a 3-seater. Another (male) commuter sat down in the aisle seat a stop later. A few stops after that - and the second to last stop for the train - another (male) commuter asked for the center seat. Now, I'm no skinny minnie. I probably take up my whole space - between my derierre and my bag on my lap, I stake out my territory fairly well.

But here's what peeves me today.

Middle seaters - generally male - who encroach on space outside of their own and feel they're not only limited to their seat - which, on NJ Transit, has CLEAR "lines" and upolstery "sections" - but ENTITLED to spread out and squeeze anyone in the window seat. I should stress that this happens more with MALE riders - especially when two are seated next to each other because, heaven forbid!!!, they touch even a centimeter of their clothes! Would that be gay of them??? URGH. Instead, it's ok for them to squash a female in a window seat and spread their legs as open as they can and hold their papers as wide as possible and, in general, show blatent disregard for their fellow riders. Male / center-seat riders are R-U-D-E.

And don't even get me started with the South Orange passengers who do NOTHING but complain about having to stand for a 15 minute train ride. Hello, I got my butt out of bed at 7:10 and was on the train at 7:47. They get on at 8:40 (or thereabouts) and bitch bitch bitch. Puh-lease!

I've digressed - it's all just SO frustrating

Tell me, how's your knitting going instead!!!

until next time...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sue will not buy Yarn Today #6

Sue will not buy yarn today...because I gave her yarn as an early Christmas present! Oh, I'm so sneaky!

The story behind this yarn is that Sue and I were IMing one afternoon and she sent me a link for this yarn from Doodlebirds - and I said "no, no, don't buy it you have enough yarn". Sneaky me bought the 2 skeins that were left - I kept the longer color change one for myself. Isn't it P-R-E-T-T-Y?!?!

Pay/Knit It Forward

Pay It Forward

Last week JoFrog posted about Pay it Forward. This has been making its way around the blogs and seems like so much fun! Her friend Hannah offered to make a gift for the first three people that commented on her post if they promised to do the same. Sign me up!

In turn I'd like to make something for you! Here are the rules:

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this pay it forward exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise!

The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

Comment away and I'll get knitting!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ah, short rows, my favorite...NOT!

So I had started to tackle the Short Row Hat using the Rowan Tapestry yarn I bought on the Vineyard. The beginning was going rather well. I haven't done anything on it for over a week so I picked it up again this morning on the train. And again, went rather well.


If you've done the hat you know the directions are in numbered/lettered sections. I was statrting from section #3 toward the end. Everything was going so well. I began section #4 and got most of the way through it. I got to the crown portion and the number of stitches wasn't working out correctly. Which was funny because all along I thought it was. So I "stepped back" for a second and looked at the triangles. Looks like I dropped a stitch somewhere between the first "half" triangle and the second one. But ripping out/back isn't like ripping out a single row and picking up where you started from. It's like taking a detour back 5 minutes in your trip and then trying to readjust to your location.

So that's where I am - trying to figure out where I am. And it's not easy! I keep having to rip more out and write it down to try and match it up to the pattern. But it feels all backwards and I keep kicking myself for even trying to knit it on the train when I couldn't FULLY concentrate. URGH.

Patty has finished two and they look awesome - one was done in a Paton's yarn - pinks/browns - very cute. The second is a cream alpaca and the monotone looks pretty cool as well. I'm sure that once I can get through one complete go-through I'll have more of a handle on it - but gosh, getting to that point seems like an eternity (esp for me - Speedy Gonzales as Sue calls me!).

Anyway, that's it for today. The hat will sit there in my bag until this evening - and ALL DAY i'll wonder what went wrong.

Until tomorrow - have a great day and a wonderful week everyone!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knitting a skirt with 52 stitches on size 4's?

Ok, so here's my laugh of the day!

I'm on the train to work this morning and a woman sits down next to me a few stops into the ride. I'm casting on stitches (a second attempt from last night) for the "Boston Red Sox Socks" I've decided to conjure up for Matthew's Christmas present. The problem is that I'm alternating the red (K1) and white (P1) for the top rib and since I'm twisting strands, there is a lot less S-T-R-E-T-C-H to them. So the original cast on of 44 stitches on size 3's was a wash. I recast on 52 stitches with size 4's when this woman was sitting next to me. My thinking is that I'll be able to switch to size 3's and decrease a few stitches when I switch back to st st for the leg.

Here's the funny part...

So I drop one of the dpns and have to reach down to get it. I apologize to the lady for having to lean slightly in front of her. She strikes up conversation as follows:

L: Oh, that's ok, I always wanted to knit (*what does that have to do with me dropping a needle*)
Me: Yeah, it's a great thing to do on the train
L: My friends always made sweaters for boyfriends and the arms were always too long
Me: Yeah, that happens when you can't measure someone and are trying to surprise them
L: I can embroider
Me: (*silence*)
L: You look like you're concentrating (*uh, huh*) are you making something round? It looks complicated. A skirt?
Me: No, I'm making a pair of socks for my step-son for christmas
L: Oh, socks!

AM I MAKING A SKIRT???? That was the kicker!!! Yes, because I'm clearly knitting for Barbie or my thumb! Ha ha - too funny (*at least to me*) not to share!

Yes, the train sure brings out the weirdos sometimes :o)

Monday, November 19, 2007

...but I may buy a Knitting Machine!

My hubby has been bugging me to purchase a knitting machine for him since i can't remember him not bugging me. His grandmother used to have several of these gigantic things - and when she died - and he was married to his first wife - the family got rid of them (AND her stash of yarn). Well, I'm finally giving in and bidding on one for him on ebay - since I refuse to pay the astronomical amount that the chain craft stores are selling them for. If I get one, he'll love it. If not, oh well. I still think they're "cheating machines" anyway :o)

Yarnaholics Thought of the Day #4

I will not buy yarn today
I will not buy yarn today
As much as I feel I need to
I will not buy yarn today

I've got an abundance of yarn at home. Well, maybe not a HUGE stash - but a lot. And I've been REALLY trying to only replenish what I've used - so everything should always fit in the bins I have and not sit in boxes on the floor. Right now there's a box on the floor. I could probably organize the bins so I could get rid of the box, but nah, that's not happening any time soon. Part of the problem is that two bins are old, icky yarn. I'm actually trying to use some for christmas presents so I won't even need to see that yarn again - EVER! Alas, my gifts don't require all that much yarn so it's a slow process. And then I feel guilty - I SHOULD be using yarn I would wear for gifts, right? Why give the gift of second best? Well, most of the gifts are for kids - so what do they care? They'll probably lose the hats I'm making by the end of the winter, right? URGH

I will not NOT nOt NoT buy yarn today

Hope you don't either :o)

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Yarnaholics Thought of the Day #3

I will enjoy the monotonousness of knitting hats for christmas presents because it is therapeutic for my soul and well being. Spending time with yarn from my stash will be like hanging out with an old friend - and we'll have a good time!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yarnaholics Thought of the Day #1

The Yarnaholics Thought of the Day #1

I will not buy yarn today because yarn is not as pretty (rewarding, funny, smart) as my friends.

Have a great - non-yarn purchasing - day!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

UFOs don't go unnoticed

The textured sweater - believe it or not - has been laid aside - Honestly, I think it's bobble-overdose! I finished the back and am about 1/3 of the way done with the front (of the last color). Then the sleeves. I guess i'm not worried about the sweater getting back into my hands after my current project (SOCKS!!!) because I've tried it on and it fits nicely so there's no reason for me not to finish it. Perhaps it's also the back and forth using circular needles that are slightly too small - you would think i could have switched it up a little - but no, i'm lazy.

So now i'm knitting the Annetrelac socks from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 Issue - oh how I love them - but that's a post for another day!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mother-in-law saves the day?!?!!?

Just a quickie before I run out of work...

So Ken and I went to see Mama Mia yesterday (b'day gift for me from my parents last month) and we got stuck in "shut down your car you're not going anywhere" traffic as we were nearing the Lincoln Tunnel to come home.

Luckily (or so I thought) I brought along my current knitting project. Not so lucky of me, I forgot the actual paper-pattern for it - and remembered I was beginning a section where there were increases every so often (nearing the bust line). WHAT TO DO - having time to knit AND the project with NO pattern - sheer T-O-R-T-U-R-E!!!

I called my mom-in-law (for all intents and purposes - "Nana") and asked if she could PLEASE read me the pattern - and I walked her through where I needed and she had a good chuckle trying to decipher it for me - but I had read through things earlier so I had an idea of what needed to be done - just not the row numbers to do it on. In the end, I had the numbers and was able to knit for a while - in traffic and later when we were heading up the Henry Hudson to the GWB. Finally, my eyes gave into the lack of day-light and I put it away.

That's my little story for now. Maybe more photos tomorrow!


Friday, October 26, 2007

But what if...?!?!?!

"But what if it doesn't fit when I'm done?" is probably one of the most frequent thoughts of any knitter. I say "thoughts" instead of "questions" because a question is something we might say out loud to another knitter - and I know it's easier to THINK I might be wrong, than admit defeat to my fellow knitters.

Sure, I rip when the pattern is wrong - FROG IT. When the gauge seemed to big (and I was right) - FROG IT.

But this time I'm not sure. I didn't want the sweater to be boxy - I wanted a closer fit. But DAMN, I'm a curvy girl and I'm just not sure how this pullover will turn out. I know I will inevitably get it on holders this weekend to try it on - or model it on my sewing mannequin - but WHAT IF...?!?!?!

Will I keep going with it? Will I gift it and ever make another one for myself? If I gift it - to whom? Can i sell it to recoup some of the cost?


Where it stands: I've finished the deep blue cluster section and am doing "shells" in a moss green - so far so good - the gauge seems dead on so I must be doing something right.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The swiper!

Sure, she's cute - but when mom's away the baby bug will play!

Here's a photo of her wearing one of the hats I made over the weekend - I found the other hat and the extra yarn laying on the floor in the office - when she was done with this one it was left on the floor of the front porch with the dog. That will teach me!


Mucho snaps to my friend Sue for the awesome sock yarn and "pattern a day" desk calendar - R-O-C-K!!!

Sue and Patty knit MANY more socks than I do - and they're SO talented they knit using two circulars instead of dpn's like me. One of these days I'm going to have to learn their method because it looks so much easier than me fidgeting with the dpns all the time (plus, my guess is that the ladders disappear more easily). Sue also got a new sock book and we're thinking of having a knit along - they joke that I'll be done before them - but socks are not my strong suit so the joke may be on them!

As far as the pullover goes, i'm well into the second repeat of the 8-row cluster pattern and it's looking just dandy if I do say so myself. For some reason I've been getting easily distracted when I try to count the stitches on the st-st rows so I'm hoping everything is still on the up-and-up. Let's see if I can get a picture of the detail with my camera phone for you...

Also - I just wanted to send a shout-out to all our other fellow train-riders (if you've finally visited) - Lou, Rob, and Allison!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Textured Pullover from VK Holiday 2007

Yesterday I got through the 2x1 2" ribbing and increased the appropriate number of stitches going into the "cluster" section. I gave in and purchased the US3 circular before catching the train home. The 3rd and 4th rows of the cluster pattern went alright - except when i started to do row 7 I realized I had done row 4 *slightly* wrong. So I did what I sometimes do best - I ripped it all the back to row 3 - because it was easier to grab the stitches from row 2 rather than the decreases on row 3. I started again this morning and got *successfully* through rows 3 &4 and am on the st-st'ing of 5 & 6. More clusters tonight on the way home. Hooray!

The benefit of having purchased the 2nd US3 circular was that I could transfer off half the stitches to the other needle last night and measure to make sure the gauge was right - so far so good...but will it fit?!?!

Also, I've decided to make some socks as gifts instead of all hats - should starve off the boredom - although the two hats I did last weekend went super fast.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ah, the weekend

I started piecing together the star sweater on Friday - and have decided that it will be for Abby and Charlie (and not Henry) so that it stays all in the family.

I whipped up two hats in Jaeger Merino for one of my bosses' daughters, and his wife. Four hats to go for the two clans. For the wife's hat I used a strand of the Jaeger with a strand of the CottonTots I had left over from the Star sweater. It's super cute and soft.

Started working on a new pullover sweater for myself...from the VK Holiday 2007 issue. I'm converting, of course, from side-knitting to in-the-round. I'm having a hard time working some of the numbers out, and since each section requires different stitch requirements, I'm also working on the proper gauging and sizing. And math was never my strong suit - URGH! On top of all that, i'm *this close* to getting the numbers right and then I can start the new section on the "larger" needles - but do you think I would have remembered to bring the larger needles with me on the train today - of course not! So now i'm in a dilemma as to whether or not I should run out and buy a Size 3 (3mm - not 3.25mm) circular needle for the ride home - since that's the size I'm pretty sure I will need. Ah, the horror!

Until next time!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where it all stands

So it's been almost two months since my last post - I can't believe it!!!

Here's where the projects stand:

1. Finally finished the Ripples Skirt from Interweave (Spring 07). LOVE LOVE LOVE IT
2. Finished Matthew's "scrap yarn" sweater - and he loves it - which is all that really matters, right?
3. Finished the "Circular" swing/shrug/sweater from Vogue Knitting (Fall 07) - still not sure if I'm keeping or gifting it - looks like a perfect fit for Liz
4. Finished the Bryant's Pullover Vest from Interweave (Fall 07) and have gotten so many nice complements on it - hooray!
5. Made a hat for my nephew, Charlie, during our trip to Kansas City. It's blue and green and way cute on him
6. Currently working on a sweater for Charlie AND Henry (who is my sister's friends son who is 17 months old). Weird connection for a project - but my sister said that Henry is always giving Charlie his hand-me-downs so my sister wanted to give them back something - which will also then come back to her. I guess that all makes sense. Anyway, I was happy to oblige and make something "boyish". I chose the cover "Star" sweater from "Adorable Knits" and I'm on the last arm before putting it together and sewing in the collar. My guess is that it will fit Henry somewhere down the line - maybe next Spring/Summer - so I'll send it to my sister and she can give it as a Christmas present if she wants.

What's next?

Hats, hats and more hats. I've decided to make my bosses kids (5 total - ranging in age from 2 to 11) winter hats as a holiday present (since my bosses are too difficult and expensive to buy for!). I've got some patterns picked out so hopefully they'll be quick projects - yeah, right, I'll find some way to make them difficult I bet.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm figuring out a more efficient way to post pictures of everything - possibly on shutterfly or maybe even FlickR (although that may be too sophisticated for my laid back approach to blogging these days).

Until next time

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Rip Master

I've got no fear of ripping out mistakes. I've got no fear of ripping out if the sizing looks off for some reason. And that's just crazy!

So I've been working on Bryant's Slipover from Interweave Knits (online bonus pattern - find it here

I chose a yarn which is probably heavier than called for and I'm using a needle size between the two required. I also started the pattern in one size - and since I'm converting it from straight to circular you would think I double and triple checked when joining the sides - but alas, that's exactly what I thought I did, and didn't. So the first go around was ripped out. The benefit of doing that, though, was that I saw how large the original cast on and rows seemed. I had checked gauge - cause I learned the hard way that my knitting is often different from the pattern. So the plus side of all this was that I could restart in a smaller size - and it now seems to be coming along just fine.

I love the colors - green and pink, and i'm loving the yarn and it's ability to hold shape. What I'm on the fence about it how the pattern is actually looking - visually. I think they appear too close in range to allow the proper contrast.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Patterns and new projects

I've begun writing out the pattern for Casey's sweater - which I'm naming "hidden hearts". My hope is to have the pattern published - but it's requiring a lot more from me than I originally expected - numbers, gauging, etc. - not really a bad thing - just time consuming.

Here's a preview:
Close up of "hidden heart" on back of sweater:

I started Interweave Knits "Bryant Slipover" on the train this morning. Again, I'm converting it into the round because (like you) I hate sewing seams. I'm using a slightly heavier weight than the pattern called for but I think it's going to have a nice shape and ease to it when i'm done. I chose Jaeger's Roma in Hollyhock and Leaf (MC). Here's a glimpse so far:

I love the colors together - having some "cute" color combinations in your wardrobe that can be worn all year round (if needed) is so cheery!

My order from came on Friday and luckily (whew) the Oh My! was the same dye lot as the ones I bought from them in July.

I'm hoping my order comes today - would be an ideal pick me up from the overcast and rainy weather we've had.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The trouble with lace (and other updates)

Sooooo...where to begin

After the mittens for my sister and Casey's dress (see above) were finished I started in on a "me" project...The skirt from the Spring 07 Interweave Knits magazine.

Now, I've only ever done sweaters/tops for myself and I guess I'm a little critical of my "bottom" so the skirt both thrilled and scared at the same time. As such, I figured...if the whole things a wash when i'm done, I will NOT use good yarn...and chose Caron's Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue. Next decision - what size to make? I measured myself and picked a number...eeny...meeny. When I went to dig out my Size 6 needles to work in the round, I remembered I lent them to Liz in Vermont figuring I wouldn't need them for a while. I said, what the heck, I'll use Size 7's instead and just worked the pattern as it was. Well, I got about 7 inches into the skirt, transfered it to some waste yarn and tried it on - it fell to the floor. Ok, too big (insert boost to the ego here).

Rip Out #1 - restart - fewer stitches and smaller needles. Rework to 7 inches - transfer off needles to waste yarn and voila...magically fits!...back onto needles (all very time consumming).

Next: The pattern calls for the upper/solid section to be about 13" in length - I measured and that seemed a little skimpy for a tall girl like me - so I brought it down closer to 16" - plus, I just wasn't ready to face the lace section, I'll be honest.

Lace section #1: So as you know, lace is a whole bunch of passing over, yarning over and knitting togethers all rolled into one jolly good time. Yeah, not so jolly. The first couple of rounds went swimmingly. I thought, Gee Karen, this is a piece of cake, what were you afraid of? Jump ahead to Row 7. I'm yarning over. I'm knitting and slipping and counting. Crap...I'm short some stitches. Find beginning marker, recheck the count. Great, the mistake is near the beginning. Carefully take the stitches back one by one. Restart again. Get to end, crap, count off again. This time I count the stitches...and I'm completely short from the beginning.

Rip Out #2 - I take out all the lace I've done. Husband walks in the room with yarn all around me and says "what did you do now". I huff.

Restart Lace #2. This time I count stitches every round. This time I make sure I'm concentrating - not on a train, not watching Elmo and Sponge Bob with Casey. I am focused!

Approximately Row 7 - AGAIN! Count is off, something is terribly wrong - but a different wrong than last time. What now? More heavy sighing. And now my right elbow is strained and my shoulder is starting to hurt. I HATE LACE! LACE IS THE ENEMY!!!

Alas, I end out with...

Rip Out #3. Then I stay up until 1:00am and carefully work to Row 13 - success? I think so. If not, tough darts - no more ripping out for this darn skirt already!

I'm now around Row 25 and have laid it to rest for a few days. Seriously, it's totally screwed up my elbow! I went for a massage last night and it made a world of difference - but i think some anti-inflammatories will have to be administered soon.

In the meantime, while the skirt and I are taking a time-out from one another, I am knitting a birthday gift for a friend (no hints in case she reads this) and also working on a pull-over sweater for Casey using the yummy Plymouth Oh My! yarn I bought at Kalediscope Yarns when I visited Liz in Vermont. I still can't believe how soft it is. Maybe I'll make myself a blanket in it too.

Lastly, to update on my yarn stash additions. On their way to my home as I type are the following:

  • Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Serengeti

  • Jaeger Roma in Leaf Green

  • Jaegar Roma in Hollyhock

  • Plymouth Oh My! in Green (for above mentioned Casey sweater)

  • Jaeger Baby Merino DK #212

  • Mondial Levante #897

  • Classic Elite Star in Cream
Why all the yarn you ask? First of all - they were ALL on sale - and who among us doesn't love a good yarn sale. Second, I DO Have projects in mind for each of them - so it's not a complete whim. Besides, a little yarn shopping makes me happy - and is (most of the time) cheaper than other vices I could have :o)

All my best until next time.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Dress and Mittens

I guess I'm really enjoying the quick gift projects I've been working on lately.

Roberto/Patty was probably completed over a weekend. And my sister's birthday mittens are almost done - I need to ship them out tomorrow so they BETTER get done. They've taken about 2 days per mitten - and I've been LAZY about knitting them - so i'm sure they could have been done a little quicker. Here are some photos - sorry for the poor quality as they're taken with my camera phone - I promise some more professional looking ones in the near future...

In the interim I was also working on this dress for Casey - which had to be reworked after the initial version - the kid is just too darn tall!

As soon as I can get her into the dress and in a good mood, I'll post those photos too.

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Roberto or Patty

Here are photos of my stuffed Penguin - a gift to my neice for her 2nd birthday.

The first was taken on the train on our way to the big city for shipping to Kansas. At this point in time, HE was known as Roberto, the Italian penguin.

By the time he arrived in Kansas, he had become a SHE...and HER name is Patty. Patty and Abby get along marvelously...and here they are after partying too hard one day.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Get to know you Q&A
2. GOLD OR SILVER? Silver (white gold)
4. FAVORITE TV SHOW? House or Grey's Anatomy
5. WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? an everything bagel and coffee
6. WHO WOULD YOU HATE TO BE LEFT IN A ROOM WITH? my husband's ex-wife
8. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? knitting, art, music and my daughter
10. BEACH, CITY, Or COUNTRY? Country (a farm house is where i want to retire)
12. FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Rocky Road or Mint Chocolate Chip (or both together)
17. TRUE LOVE? Ken
18. WHAT CHARACTERISTICS DO YOU DESPISE? slow talkers and dumb people (but aren't those one and the same?)
19. FAVORITE FLOWER? duh, white daisies!
20. IF YOU HAD A BIG WIN IN THE LOTTERY, HOW LONG WOULD YOU WAIT TO TELL PEOPLE? I would tell my hubby right away - then take a deep breathe!
22. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BATHROOM? White and Moss Green - love it!
24. WHERE WOULD YOU RETIRE TO? a farm house somewhere - maybe closer to BFF in Vermont
27. RED OR WHITE WINE? white
28. WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY? i think i worked and spent it with family
29. DO YOU CARRY A DONOR CARD? i'm a bone marrow donor - but not other organs (yet)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm SO in the mood to buy yarn today - because the two balls that came on Friday, and the 21 balls that came yesterday ARE SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH!!! Well, ok, they're MORE than enough but i just need to feel that sensation when you walk in a yarn store, look around a bit and then THERE it is, like a diamond - the beautiful yarn calling your name. Ok, so that sounds super dorky, but yes, i'm a yarn whore...'nough said!

Besides, I don't even like the ladies at the closest store to where I work so that discourages me from shopping with them unless it's a real emergency. Then I thought of going over to Borders and buying Stefanie Japel's book "Fitted Knits" - but since I already know there are a lot of errors I would need to look up, i tell myself "why bother". I just need a fix - what's the harm in buying one nice ball of yarn from the witches anyway???

hump day updates

On the couch:
Finishing the front of the pea-pod sweater which I have miraculously changed from a cardigan into a pullover - and converted from straights to circular. I should have time to finish the right front tonight and possibly finish the left front - or at least get a jump on it. The back will be st st so i may be able to do that on the train.

On the train:
I'm working on the second sleeve since they are started in a 1x1 rib on Size 1's...and all of my 2's are tied up on the body right now. I hope to be able to finish the front panels and then bring the body on the train - but we'll see. Perhaps I'll have to just start a new project in the meantime.

Update on Matthew's sweater:
Well, this yarn is just a bitch to work with - it's so course compared to the Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK - i mean really, they're night and day. So this sweater has stayed where it is - about 6 inches into it (on circular so it's really not THAT terrible that I put it on the side burner for a while).

More to finish:
I MUST get to finishing the two baby blankets for the recipients are due to deliver their baby boys at the end of next month. One is done, I just need to sew the ends in - URGH. The other probably has another 2" or so - and then sewing in the ends - DOUBLE URGH! This particular baby blanket is REALLY a hassle because it's knit with two strands at a time - and approx every 6 rows, one of the colors drops to pick up a new and then they alternate throughout. Maybe I should rethink that next time? Next next time...used this pattern twice - and that's plenty!!! :o)

Have a great day

Monday, March 26, 2007

Update on knitting (still no photos)

Since the last post i've been QUITE busy...

Yellow socks for sister (Knit Simple pattern - Lion Brand BabySoft from the stash). Size 3 dpns

Multi- socks for mom (Knit Simple pattern - Marble yarn that I got on sale). Size 3 dpns

Fair Isle hat for husband (Knit It! pattern - Lion Brand wool-ease in black and charchoal grey)

Hat for me (own pattern - Lion Brand Wool Thick & Quick in Fisherman). Size 11 dpns

Red basket weave scarf for me (Vogue Knitting pattern - Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Ranch Red). Size 3 & 6 dpns

Cabled toddler poncho for Niece (own pattern). Caron Perfect Match in a greens/purples hue. Did not like using this yarn - however, it will keep Abby warm when she wears it. Also, I used a basic repeating cable pattern which is hard to see due to the color changes in the yarn. Can't recall needle size.

Grey Pentagon sweater for me (Vogue Knitting pattern - with MAJOR modifications - love this sweater!!!) Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather. Size 9 straights and dpns

From the shelves: Cream and Brown basket-weave turtleneck sweater for me (started this back in the early 1990's) . Own pattern derived from several in an old Vogue Knitting issue. Lion Brand wool-ease in fisherman and mink brown. Probably used circular size 10.5 needles. Finished neck and sleeves recently - but might still be a work in progress to extend sleeve length

Brown alpaca vest for me (own pattern) (from an OLD stash of yarn - Al Pa Ka in mink brown). Love the finished product but it's VERY warm so will be perfect for next winter as spring is almost here in New Jersey. I believe I used Size 11 straights - 2 strands of yarn at a time

Aqua sleeveless top (own pattern) in Red Heart Soft & Moda Dea Cherish in Ocean blue. I originally planned on making the Ultra Femme sweater from Stitch N Bitch Nation - but the sleeves and neckline were finishing TOO big - so after ripping it out twice, I finally decided on finishing it without sleeves in a crew neckline. Still not sure if I love it yet, but it's done (for now). Bottom on circular size 10 to make gauge. Top & Sleeves (1st try) - used size 5 circulars. Top and sleeves (2nd try) - used size 4 circulars and 1/3 fewer stitches. Top and NO sleeves (3rd try) - used size 4 circular and new design - works, but not 100% in love.

Baby Boy Blankets (Lion Brand pattern - using Micro Spun and Baby Soft yarns in blues and greens). One is for my sister, the other for a co-worker - both due in May...both need their "tails" sewn in. Size 9 straights.

Cabled afghan (Lion Brand pattern - using Lion Brand Wool Thick & Quick in Fisherman and Sky Blue). Made this for a school fundraising auction. Will be nice to see who goes home with this lovely (and warm!!) blanket . Can't remember the sizing on this - straights for sure (7" at that).

Currently going on the needles:

On the train: Sweater for Matthew - own design using duck pattern within. Being 10, Matthew doesn't care so much about the type of yarn - he's just concerned about the pattern and color. That said, the smart boy picked colors from my stash - yippie, more room for new yarns!!!

On the couch: Sweater for me - using RYC Cashsoft Baby DK in Borage 806 - a kind of pastel lavender color. Will be modifying a sweater I found in Knit 2 Together by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark - it's a cardigan with pea pods on it - I'll be reworking it into a pullover since I hate how button down shirts/sweaters fall on me. The pattern calls for size 1 and 2 needles - so it will probably take a while to get through it. But I bought this wonderful yarn - my first official "good yarn" at The Knitting Closet in Denville. The owner, Susan, was very helpful and friendly. I admit I was afraid of knitting stores after my horrible experience at Stitches East in NYC (and I've only needed needles - imagine if i had requested help with yarn what "bitches" they would be!!!). Anyway, I'm excited about this project - nervous to screw up based on the cost of the yarn, but i'm sure i'll be fine :o)