Friday, May 09, 2008

Sock Wars and the husband whose wife has lost her mind (???)

Hey, I haven't lost my mind!!! Absolutely not!!!

I did, however, just come back from running a golf event for 24 men in South Carolina - I was there from Sunday to Wednesday and got up most mornings at 5:00am to retire for the night at 11:45pm.

So I'm not crazy - I'm just taking a WELL DESERVED day off to R-E-L-A-X and it just HAPPENS to coincide with the start of sock wars!!!

Besides, it's a rainy day here in New Jersey so I'll get comfy on the couch, maybe watch a movie or so and enjoy my knitting until 3:00pm or so when my step-son, Matthew, comes home from school. At which time I may be finished with the socks so he can act as crazy as his heart desires!

Just kidding - I won't be done by then...OR WILL I?!?!? Wha-ha-ha-ha!!!