Monday, September 12, 2011

I knit....

...this (Ann Weaver)

...and this (Kirsten Kapur)

...and this (Nipper Knits...look for me under #3)

And I'm donating this... (making a shawl for a charity KAL contest)

And worked on these... (tech editing for TTL)

can't wait to show you everything (in person) soon!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Uber Bad Blogger

Yeah, I've been WAY BAD at blogging lately...whoops!

I've been working on some pretty fantastic test and sample knits which will be published this fall - so keep your eyes peeled for my name popping up on other peoples blogs...hooray! One of these was published yesterday, but I'm somewhat ashamed to say I haven't yet finished mine. To my credit, I'm about 70% done, the pattern is easy to follow and I did the lace edge on the cast on, in theory, i did test it 100% :o) Check out Kirsten's new shawl design - you'll want to wrap yourself in one RIGHT AWAY! Also, bonus points for me since I'm using "inherited" yarn stash from (Brooklyn Handspun) Marie, by way of (Gleek) Stephanie!

Also, can we talk about Rhinebeck (canwecanwecanwe ohpleaseohpleaseohplease)? Ken's 7th (WOOL) anniversary sweater was finished on time and he's been wearing it with the miserable chilly rain weather we've been having - score one for me! He'll wear it to Rhinebeck - feel free to check out the sweater but not in a Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert sort of way (although Ken would be flattered - ha ha). As for my Rhinebeck sweater plans, well, like last year, I'm sure I'll be knitting it the week/days/hours before - and possibly on the drive up with Kim and crew. I'm thinking of reknitting a dress I designed (top down) but that may be too ambitious? Ugh, decisions decisions!

Well, more pattern excitement as I'm able to announce...happy knitting everyone!