Monday, December 03, 2007

Ah, short rows, my favorite...NOT!

So I had started to tackle the Short Row Hat using the Rowan Tapestry yarn I bought on the Vineyard. The beginning was going rather well. I haven't done anything on it for over a week so I picked it up again this morning on the train. And again, went rather well.


If you've done the hat you know the directions are in numbered/lettered sections. I was statrting from section #3 toward the end. Everything was going so well. I began section #4 and got most of the way through it. I got to the crown portion and the number of stitches wasn't working out correctly. Which was funny because all along I thought it was. So I "stepped back" for a second and looked at the triangles. Looks like I dropped a stitch somewhere between the first "half" triangle and the second one. But ripping out/back isn't like ripping out a single row and picking up where you started from. It's like taking a detour back 5 minutes in your trip and then trying to readjust to your location.

So that's where I am - trying to figure out where I am. And it's not easy! I keep having to rip more out and write it down to try and match it up to the pattern. But it feels all backwards and I keep kicking myself for even trying to knit it on the train when I couldn't FULLY concentrate. URGH.

Patty has finished two and they look awesome - one was done in a Paton's yarn - pinks/browns - very cute. The second is a cream alpaca and the monotone looks pretty cool as well. I'm sure that once I can get through one complete go-through I'll have more of a handle on it - but gosh, getting to that point seems like an eternity (esp for me - Speedy Gonzales as Sue calls me!).

Anyway, that's it for today. The hat will sit there in my bag until this evening - and ALL DAY i'll wonder what went wrong.

Until tomorrow - have a great day and a wonderful week everyone!

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