Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pet Peeve Number 3

I'll be quick - I don't really want to complain today - but can SOMEone, ANYone tell me why people leave the click-wheel "volume" on when using their ipods? And furthermore, why did Apple INVENT such a sound in the first place?!?! I had not one, but TWO, ipod listeners next to me on the train this morning and BOTH of them had the click-wheel sound on - WHY WHY WHY? They were listening to their music so they didn't even hear it. But I did - everytime they started a new song they would go back and start searching for the next - click click spin click spin spin spin. OBNOXIOUS!! Just turn the damn option off - PUH-LEASE, for the love of Pete!!!

more importantly - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - and Happy B'day to Ken!!!