Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Dress and Mittens

I guess I'm really enjoying the quick gift projects I've been working on lately.

Roberto/Patty was probably completed over a weekend. And my sister's birthday mittens are almost done - I need to ship them out tomorrow so they BETTER get done. They've taken about 2 days per mitten - and I've been LAZY about knitting them - so i'm sure they could have been done a little quicker. Here are some photos - sorry for the poor quality as they're taken with my camera phone - I promise some more professional looking ones in the near future...

In the interim I was also working on this dress for Casey - which had to be reworked after the initial version - the kid is just too darn tall!

As soon as I can get her into the dress and in a good mood, I'll post those photos too.

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Roberto or Patty

Here are photos of my stuffed Penguin - a gift to my neice for her 2nd birthday.

The first was taken on the train on our way to the big city for shipping to Kansas. At this point in time, HE was known as Roberto, the Italian penguin.

By the time he arrived in Kansas, he had become a SHE...and HER name is Patty. Patty and Abby get along marvelously...and here they are after partying too hard one day.