Monday, March 08, 2010

The Good

While I've been fighting some minor bacterial/viral infections (and the flu) these past few weeks there is certainly some good to exclaim!

1. Andrea the Great sent me some girl scout cookies...and they are DELICIOUS! *mwah*
2. My friend Patty and her beau, Joe, are getting married at the Hotel Coronado today - CONGRATS to them!
3. I finished my dress design and am writing it for publication (in some form as yet to be determined)
4. I've slept more than Rip Van Winkle
5. I'm thankful for all my friends and their unwavering support as of late!
6. I have a fantastic husband and family...who have been taking care of me (and letting me sleep)
7. I'm using up lots of old stashed yarn and finishing WIPs - hooray for no new yarn purchases!
8. Life is good no matter what!

So how about y' good news to share? :o)