Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seriously - the bobbles just won't end!!!

Ok, so I have been knitting the sleeves of the textured sweater since last week. I can't believe how long they're taking. I thought that if I had stayed up late last night I could have gotten them done and sewn to the sweater. Not so much.

I was measuring them on the train this morning - and aligning them with the arm holes on the body - and I still had another inch or so to go. GOOD GOD, MAKE THE BOBBLES END - PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE!!!

I was able to get half of, what I'm hoping will be, the LAST row of bobbles done as we entered the tunnel to the city this morning. I think that the additional 6 rows of St St will get me to the right length to bind off - SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR ME!!!

If all goes well, I'm hoping the sleeves are bound off on the way home - and I'll sew them to the body tomorrow morning...because...


More on the bobble situation tomorrow

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't make me go all MacGyver on your A@s!

OMG - so there I was quietly sitting at my computer when I needed to push my chair back and get something from the files. All of a sudden I heard a weird cracking noise - and wondering what on earth could have made such a noise I looked down at the wheels on my chair and noticed that my knitting bag had tipped over and I had just run over one of my beautiful Knit Picks Harmony needles - size 1's. They were attached to the second of my Bartholomew socks - and I was going to take some time at lunch to finish the toe. Not so much! I almost cried. I called my fellow knitting co-worker and she was not at her desk - I left a desperate voicemail. Two seconds later she was walking by unaware of the message and I showed her the horrific site - two pieces on my desk - and a shortened needle on the socks. There was no way to repair. I pulled out my DPN case - and found no size 1's - they are in the other case AT HOME!!! So how would I finish the toes? Would I cry all the way home and make a mad dash to the DPN case?

Oh no, my friends. I pulled a MacGyver using office tools!

I found my trusty - and SHARP - scissors and starting whiddling (sp?) away at the tip. Once I got it to a decent point I took out my nail file and smoothed the edges a little more. I'm left with approximately 2.5" of needle on the broken end - but it will be enough to finish the socks this evening.

What an adventure!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bobbles are evil - and other updates!

I'm STILL, yes still, working on the "textured pullover" from the Fall (??) issue of Vogue Knitting that I started way back in October. I think the first three stitch sections went rather quickly - if memory serves - but the top "bobble" section is what killed me and made me put the sweater in a time out!!!

I decided to try and finish all projects that I have outstanding before I start anything new - I know, a bummer - and so I took it off the shelves about two weeks ago. It took a while to find where I had left off - and then I got to a dreaded bobble row - and then another, and another. Over the weekend I finished the front and last night I finished putting in the neck ribbing - it looks pretty good and fits almost perfectly. But now...the sleeves...and more bobbles! The other problem with the bobbles - besides the pattern of how they are written and how achy that pattern makes your wrists after purling 5 tight stitches - is that the bobbles on the back of the sweater became inverted - not the front ones (what did i learn in the process of the back?!?!?). I've been slowly stitching loops/knots into the back of each of the bobbles to MAKE THEM stay on the right side of the sweater - which is a pain because I have about 50 bobbles and want to guarantee they all obey the law of physics when the sweater is ready for presentation.

In order to give my brain and wrists a small break I am finishing the second Bartholomew sock - and still really love the pattern. I haven't gotten to the short rows - which was the "tight"part so I'm still smiling for the moment.

After that I've got to finish the second Somewhat Cowl with my home-dyed yarn and then I can start something COMPLETELY NEW!!! So many items in my Ravelry queue - what will I work on next?!?!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What I like about Barnes & Noble...

So I'm hoping to visit Knitting in the Heartland this weekend while in Kansas and I wanted to purchase Stefanie Japel's book "Fitted Knits" so I knew I had a copy. I checked book availability on the Barnes & Noble website and saw they had it at the Citicorp Center store, which is right near my office.

I like that I can go to ANY Barnes & Noble and feel at home. I like that I know exactly how to most efficiently get to the knitting section at any given store. I like that I have a member discount card so I rarely pay full price - and always feel less guilty.

I don't get this feeling at Borders. I can't explain why.

Do you ever have that same "home-y" feeling in places you shop?