Friday, October 26, 2007

But what if...?!?!?!

"But what if it doesn't fit when I'm done?" is probably one of the most frequent thoughts of any knitter. I say "thoughts" instead of "questions" because a question is something we might say out loud to another knitter - and I know it's easier to THINK I might be wrong, than admit defeat to my fellow knitters.

Sure, I rip when the pattern is wrong - FROG IT. When the gauge seemed to big (and I was right) - FROG IT.

But this time I'm not sure. I didn't want the sweater to be boxy - I wanted a closer fit. But DAMN, I'm a curvy girl and I'm just not sure how this pullover will turn out. I know I will inevitably get it on holders this weekend to try it on - or model it on my sewing mannequin - but WHAT IF...?!?!?!

Will I keep going with it? Will I gift it and ever make another one for myself? If I gift it - to whom? Can i sell it to recoup some of the cost?


Where it stands: I've finished the deep blue cluster section and am doing "shells" in a moss green - so far so good - the gauge seems dead on so I must be doing something right.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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