Monday, October 22, 2007

Ah, the weekend

I started piecing together the star sweater on Friday - and have decided that it will be for Abby and Charlie (and not Henry) so that it stays all in the family.

I whipped up two hats in Jaeger Merino for one of my bosses' daughters, and his wife. Four hats to go for the two clans. For the wife's hat I used a strand of the Jaeger with a strand of the CottonTots I had left over from the Star sweater. It's super cute and soft.

Started working on a new pullover sweater for myself...from the VK Holiday 2007 issue. I'm converting, of course, from side-knitting to in-the-round. I'm having a hard time working some of the numbers out, and since each section requires different stitch requirements, I'm also working on the proper gauging and sizing. And math was never my strong suit - URGH! On top of all that, i'm *this close* to getting the numbers right and then I can start the new section on the "larger" needles - but do you think I would have remembered to bring the larger needles with me on the train today - of course not! So now i'm in a dilemma as to whether or not I should run out and buy a Size 3 (3mm - not 3.25mm) circular needle for the ride home - since that's the size I'm pretty sure I will need. Ah, the horror!

Until next time!

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