Monday, November 19, 2007

Yarnaholics Thought of the Day #4

I will not buy yarn today
I will not buy yarn today
As much as I feel I need to
I will not buy yarn today

I've got an abundance of yarn at home. Well, maybe not a HUGE stash - but a lot. And I've been REALLY trying to only replenish what I've used - so everything should always fit in the bins I have and not sit in boxes on the floor. Right now there's a box on the floor. I could probably organize the bins so I could get rid of the box, but nah, that's not happening any time soon. Part of the problem is that two bins are old, icky yarn. I'm actually trying to use some for christmas presents so I won't even need to see that yarn again - EVER! Alas, my gifts don't require all that much yarn so it's a slow process. And then I feel guilty - I SHOULD be using yarn I would wear for gifts, right? Why give the gift of second best? Well, most of the gifts are for kids - so what do they care? They'll probably lose the hats I'm making by the end of the winter, right? URGH

I will not NOT nOt NoT buy yarn today

Hope you don't either :o)

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SueKnits4Fun said...

Ok, so I won't buy any yarn either!