Monday, November 27, 2006

Current projects

Well, I completed the shrug for my mother-in-law (used dark green chenille - my new enemy!) and one of my friends (in black - which looks awesome!).

I've also completed 3 kids hats and am working on a sweater I started a few years ago, the bolero sweater i started a month ago (hate the wool) and a new scarf for myself (first time using double pointed needles in the round!!!).

Speaking of that - i was commuting this morning and taught myself how to use the double pointed needles to knit in the round - hard to manage at first - but once i got the hang of it (meaning: once i figured out i could use 3 needles instead of 2 - couldn't possibly imagine how i would do that!) everything started moving along rather well. I think I'm supposed to turn the scarf inside out at some point - purling should be on the outside and is currently on the inside - but i'm following instructions so i can't be wrong i don't think. Ah, the thrill of victory over the needles - that was my smile today!