Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hump day updates

On the couch:
Finishing the front of the pea-pod sweater which I have miraculously changed from a cardigan into a pullover - and converted from straights to circular. I should have time to finish the right front tonight and possibly finish the left front - or at least get a jump on it. The back will be st st so i may be able to do that on the train.

On the train:
I'm working on the second sleeve since they are started in a 1x1 rib on Size 1's...and all of my 2's are tied up on the body right now. I hope to be able to finish the front panels and then bring the body on the train - but we'll see. Perhaps I'll have to just start a new project in the meantime.

Update on Matthew's sweater:
Well, this yarn is just a bitch to work with - it's so course compared to the Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK - i mean really, they're night and day. So this sweater has stayed where it is - about 6 inches into it (on circular so it's really not THAT terrible that I put it on the side burner for a while).

More to finish:
I MUST get to finishing the two baby blankets for the recipients are due to deliver their baby boys at the end of next month. One is done, I just need to sew the ends in - URGH. The other probably has another 2" or so - and then sewing in the ends - DOUBLE URGH! This particular baby blanket is REALLY a hassle because it's knit with two strands at a time - and approx every 6 rows, one of the colors drops to pick up a new and then they alternate throughout. Maybe I should rethink that next time? Next next time...used this pattern twice - and that's plenty!!! :o)

Have a great day

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