Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm SO in the mood to buy yarn today - because the two balls that came on Friday, and the 21 balls that came yesterday ARE SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH!!! Well, ok, they're MORE than enough but i just need to feel that sensation when you walk in a yarn store, look around a bit and then THERE it is, like a diamond - the beautiful yarn calling your name. Ok, so that sounds super dorky, but yes, i'm a yarn whore...'nough said!

Besides, I don't even like the ladies at the closest store to where I work so that discourages me from shopping with them unless it's a real emergency. Then I thought of going over to Borders and buying Stefanie Japel's book "Fitted Knits" - but since I already know there are a lot of errors I would need to look up, i tell myself "why bother". I just need a fix - what's the harm in buying one nice ball of yarn from the witches anyway???

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