Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Rip Master

I've got no fear of ripping out mistakes. I've got no fear of ripping out if the sizing looks off for some reason. And that's just crazy!

So I've been working on Bryant's Slipover from Interweave Knits (online bonus pattern - find it here

I chose a yarn which is probably heavier than called for and I'm using a needle size between the two required. I also started the pattern in one size - and since I'm converting it from straight to circular you would think I double and triple checked when joining the sides - but alas, that's exactly what I thought I did, and didn't. So the first go around was ripped out. The benefit of doing that, though, was that I saw how large the original cast on and rows seemed. I had checked gauge - cause I learned the hard way that my knitting is often different from the pattern. So the plus side of all this was that I could restart in a smaller size - and it now seems to be coming along just fine.

I love the colors - green and pink, and i'm loving the yarn and it's ability to hold shape. What I'm on the fence about it how the pattern is actually looking - visually. I think they appear too close in range to allow the proper contrast.


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