Thursday, June 12, 2008

The nice thing about waiting...

As most know, I'm involved in Sock Wars III (hooray, and boo hoo). Currently, I am waiting (since June 2nd or so) for a pair of socks to come up the line for me to knit - or a pair to come down the line for a kill. Either way, I'm still waiting.

With that said, it's been nice to knit the socks for my dad at a slower pace. I've really only been knitting on the train to/from work and have taken the evenings off to watch t.v., etc. Even with a deadline of Father's Day it's not a true deadline - because I won't actually see my dad on (or before) F'Day so I have at least another week or so until I have to be finished.

So this slow pace on just about every front is rather nice.

How's your knitting going these days?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The "problem" with 2 cameras

We've got two cameras - my more "serious" Canon Rebel xTi and my hubby's Powershot. We usually use the powershot because it's quick to grab off the counter AND it takes video. The problem with having 2 great cameras is that I never seem to get all the photos transfered to the computer, and subsequently to the web to show folks. I took some photos of recent knit work - but i think those are on the powershot - but I last downloaded from the Rebel - so things are all out of sync. I still have pics from a family party in May that I want to get downloaded to share with the cousins, etc. And I've got knit projects that I want to update on Ravelry - but keep forgetting because I don't have the photos. Ah, such easy problems in the grand scheme of things ;o)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It might be too hot to knit...

...but if you stay inside in the air conditioning it's not too hot to order yarn online :o)

Sue, Alyssa and I placed a joint knit picks order today. Sue and I ordered the new sock blanks - how awesome are those things?!?! Now Sue and I need to find a date to dye!

It's supposed to cool down over the next day or two - please keep your fingers crossed - I don't know how many nights we can continue to have "family camp-outs" in our finished and cool basement while the house is under construction. Hopefully, by the weekend, the majority of the work will be done and we can get the air on - whew!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's too darned hot

A severe heatwave hit the East this weekend - and we're talking unbearable heat. We spent the afternoon/evening in our finished basement where the dehumidifier was running and the cool tile floors felt like heaven.

But it's too hot to knit - ok, let's rephrase - it's too hot to knit A LOT. Luckily my dad's socks are nylon and acrylic so it's not terrible - and they are coming along just fine to be done for next weekend - but seriously, if the heat keeps up the knitting will severely slow down.

Ah, the weather effects everything, doesn't it?

Stay cool and have a great Sunday everyone!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Remember "Video Killed the Radio" - Sock Warriors is doing the same

Here's my two cents...

Sock Warriors - Let's put the fun back in this game! There's too much "knit" picking/backstabbing/name calling and it's just not fun for those of us who signed up for a challenge/pattern/friend making adventure!

What's the prize - more yarn? Hey, that's all well and good but come on - do we bash/trash/criticize each other for more yarn - like we don't have enough to last us another lifetime?

Please, ladies (and gents), let's all put the F-U-N and ENTHUSIASM back into the GAME!

Let's stop the Heretics and witch hunting in the name of all that's right and good and KNIT! Let's accept that most players are HONEST and not read into knit times - and point an accusing finger because we're afraid of death by socks (?!?!?!).

Knitting should be a stress relief. A calming natural drug. A relaxing visit with yarn and needles. An escape from the every day.

Let's reclaim this war and ENJOY IT!!!