Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Dress and Mittens

I guess I'm really enjoying the quick gift projects I've been working on lately.

Roberto/Patty was probably completed over a weekend. And my sister's birthday mittens are almost done - I need to ship them out tomorrow so they BETTER get done. They've taken about 2 days per mitten - and I've been LAZY about knitting them - so i'm sure they could have been done a little quicker. Here are some photos - sorry for the poor quality as they're taken with my camera phone - I promise some more professional looking ones in the near future...

In the interim I was also working on this dress for Casey - which had to be reworked after the initial version - the kid is just too darn tall!

As soon as I can get her into the dress and in a good mood, I'll post those photos too.

Enjoy the day!

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