Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ho-Ho-Home Stretch

So my holiday knitting is *thisclose* to being complete. Granted, I did have to ax one project completely...but there's always Mother's Day or a birthday or a "Just Because" around the corner so the only one who knows it didn't get finished is me (and now you).

I'm still fussing over my neighbor's 30 yr old sweater - it needs a button band...and an icord (actually a single crochet chain - who does that??)...but I don't think a button band is appropriate for an already busy sweater so I'm thinking hook/eye clasps instead. We'll see. It's my MUST DO this weekend.

Also, I want to finish the T-Rexes (how do you pluralize that???) for the kids. The body of one is done and took a nano-second to I'm thinking they won't take long. Because Matthew isn't spending Christmas with us this year I'm planning to have them finished for his return on Dec 29th - plenty of time, right?

Since I finished the mystery scarf for my mom last night I brought the "ruffle" scarf on the train with me case I can finish it in time for an extra gift...I wonder who the lucky recipient might be?

How about everyone else? Are you ready for the final crunch? Is all your shopping done?

And...Is it January yet? tee hee

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Know why kids are awesome?

Last night Hubbins made a comment to Ramona and me that he wasn't feeling great. So Ramona asked me "Why doesn't Daddy feel good?" Not knowing exactly why myself I said "Daddy's tummy is upset". To which she replied...."Mommy, that's so silly. Daddy's tummy can't cry".

Ahhh are so innocent! Thank you for making me laugh and smile (and sometimes cry).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Test Knit Released!

Ann Weaver just released her new sock pattern...check her out on Ravelry!

Here are some photos of the first sock...don't you just love it!!?!

Ann Weaver Test Sock

Ann Weaver Test Sock

Ann Weaver Test Sock

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mascara, knitters and an everything bagel CAN fix some things

Without going into a lot of personal detail (this is a knitting blog after all)...things have been fairly emotional and hectic for me lately. In fact, they've been so topsy turvy that my "routine" life has been far from "normal". My eyes are a little puffy as proof.

This morning, after receiving the school delay call, hearing the town plows beeping half the morning and trudging through the snowy/rainy haze to the train, I fell into my seat exhausted, yet again. It's as though I can't shake the "funk" or cloud above me. And that's not "me".

So, while putting my makeup on I decided today would be a good day for some eye-brightening mascara. Score 1 for me. Then, after the last stop before NYC, I spied a fellow knitter working on a scarf (???) using some fluffy grey wool. Score 2. And finally, after arriving at work and getting a Board meeting started, I ate a delicious toasted everything bagel with a smidgen of cream cheese. Score 3.

It's amazing how some *little*itty*bitty* things can make you feel better.

Happy hump day y'all!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

December? Really? Holy ZOMG!

Ok, November 30th came and went. December 1st is kind of blurry. But December SECOND?!?! Holy ZOMG! Where does the time go?

I think the practicality of my handmade gift list is maybe not so practical after all!

Anyone else in the boat with me? Jump onboard we're ready to set sail!