Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A new week...and a finished project?

This being a new week and all I was determined to work through the remainder of the Clapotis - if for no other reason but to finish it so I could wear it! It's looking like I'll wrap (get it, haha) it up this evening either on the train or shortly after dinner. The two skeins I bought have a brighter yellow, and more blue/turquoise than the original 3 - but I think the way it will fall around my shoulders with the dropped rows will be fine. Someone may notice - but not necessarily think it's done "wrong".

Once it's done I'll head back to Strawberry Hill and should have that finished in no time. I've done the back "side" and will lay it out for blocking tonight along with the sleaves. It's looking great so far...do I dare say I'm loving it and may make one for myself?!?! And I'm a huge fan of the original pattern color so I may have to slurge on it when the time comes!

I'm also planning to make a log-cabin style blanket for our room this winter. I think I have the right yarn already in my stash (and enough of it) so I just need to find the perfect pattern. Any suggestions for something super simple and quick?

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I can tell you this...

...this was the longest week I've had in a very long time.

Perhaps its because we had a company outing one day last week - so that was kind of a 4 day work week.

Perhaps its because so much happened at work this week that it seemed like it went on for-ev-errrrrr

Perhaps its because I didn't finish any knit projects this week. Well, that's probably not fair to say because my current project is a sweater and since I just started it a week ago what is the likelihood or expectation that I would have actually finished it in a week anyway...nil to none.

Perhaps its because it was made aware to me that an acquaintance is so despicable that they lie and cheat to get things to go their way, hoping they are not caught (which they were) and all that negative energy made my stomach churn. With all good comes the equal and opposite evil. I know Miss Karma has this person on her visitation list.

Perhaps its a long week because of all the train delays that occurred. Or because I got my haircut yesterday and then went bowling with co-workers and didn't get home until 11:00pm and so I'm just tired today. Or perhaps because the summer is becoming increasingly full of social plans and new friends and pretty soon it will be fall (hooray) and then Christmas and I haven't got a clue when I'm going to make the million gifts I promised myself I would make for everyone.

Perhaps its JUST a long week and all I can do is appreciate it for what it is.

Let's all enjoy the weekend, shall we?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Current projects and updates

So Sock Wars is FINALLY over for me (and still going for approximately 160 knitters) as of last Saturday when I got a beautiful pair of socks made by Sam and Wendy. I ordinarily would never have chosen the colorway - but the pair of socks is special and I appreciate the hard work that went into them (AND they fit me to boot!). So what does one say about Sock Wars - well, for now, at least, I'm going to remain mum on the topic - maybe someday I'll tell you the story!

Summer knitting seemed to get complicated somewhere along the way. I made an Elefante for my niece's birthday and my DH decided to hand it - literally - to my daughter whose eyes widened and she looked up at me and said "mommy knit for me?" What could i do/say? "Yes Angel, mommy knit for you" "for me, mommy?" "Yes, for you" "thank you mommy". It broke my heart to come up with an excuse ("elefante needs a tail") to get it away from her a few minutes later. But it also put me on the spot and I had to knit Elefante v.2 that evening and following day to compensate for the guilt I had digging into me. Well, mission accomplished - Elefante v.2 goes everywhere with Angelface now. Hooray for mommy - but still, BAD DADDY!

Next up was a top-down cable sweater (by Stefanie Japel) for my sister's birthday (early august). I got a two large cables into it and began to really like the sweater. Feeling unsure about the "deserving"or "appreciation" factor of the end result, I put it aside to potentially finish for myself later on...after all, I hadn't yet gotten to the point where you make size alterations or repeats.

And thus I began my first pair of toe-up socks for my sister instead. I am even using the colorway I was never quite excited about - which will probably suit her just fine. The first sock is complete and second one is in the foot section before the arch increases. I should be able to spend some time on them this weekend with plenty of time to spare.

In the interim, I have started the Strawberry Hill sweater for Jill - and boy, the pressure (all self-induced) is on! I guess I'm ok when I know I've made a mistake in something for myself or a friend. But when knitting something that an exponentially increased number of observers will see and feel is incorporated into the process, boy I knit each stitch so much more carefully! It's crazy - but fun.

The plus side to receiving that yarn shipment was that my hubby knew i was expecting yarn that I didn't have to buy - so when there was other sock yarn in the box he wasn't any wiser to suspecting I had purchased that part on my own - hee hee.

Everyone have a great weekend - through the Strawberry Hill process I'm sure to post a little more frequently!

Peace out!