Thursday, October 19, 2006

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Current mood: ecstatic

Update on my current knitting projects...finished my pink breast cancer scarf last night - wore it today - LOVE itstill working on my green comfy shrug - using Lion Brand "thick n quick" - it's heavy but will be SO cozy when it's donestarted (barely) another shrug to wear to work - didn't get very far since i tore apart a wrap to make the above mentioned green shrugand i'm thinking of buying more yarn - yeah, i'm a YARN HO!!!finally, i'm about halfway through the Pooh Bear cross-stitch for Casey's 1st birthday - fingers crossed i can get it done and framed in time!peace

Work and other things
Current mood: good

Well, it's a gloomy day in NYC - raining on and off. I'm just hanging out at work making travel plans for everyone - including myself this time! Ken and I got tickets to go to the Phoenix NASCAR race on November 12th - super excited about it!I've got a small headache but am trudging through - figuring it's the rain, and the fact that i've been losing weight - eating less sugars - easier than i thought it would be. my goal is to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight - and beyond!!! So far i've gone down a jean size - the true test since those are the pants all women love to wear!catch ya later alligator!kc

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Favorite new quote
Current mood: mellow

From the commercial for Tina Fey's new show "30 Rock" ...Mood: Tina's character walks into a room of comedy writers wearing a funky 80s-like outfitOne of the writers then says to her "What are you wearing? You're making me gay"I love that - it's fabulously funny (and makes me laugh every time i see it!)

my first blog

So i figured i would create a place to start blogging my creative works - knitting and otherwise. i love seeing what others are working on and would like to find more people in my area to knit with. This is the first of many...stay tuned