Friday, February 20, 2009

Fuggetaboutit Friday

The week is finally over and it kicked my butt all over the place. Let's see how it happened, shall we?

Monday - Tangled Yoke (part one)

As you know, I was battleing it out with the sewing machine on Monday trying to get the ribbon sewn into the Tangled Yoke. Score - Original Singer: 1; Me: 0. I tied up the score using my MIL's machine later that night. I even stayed up late to pick up the stitches and knit the buttonhole band. bed around 11:00pm

Tuesday - Tangled Yoke (part deux)

Woke up ready to tackle sewing on the buttons on the train ride into work. I even put my makeup on at the station before the train arrived so I didn't waste a minute of the hour ahead. I started sewing the buttons one one by one. Unfortunately something was a little off where the yolk meets in the front. I made it work as best as possible. No one will really know besides me (and now you if you're reading this, doh). I'm sewing, I'm sewing...button 3, 4, 5, 6...two more to go...7, 8...wait a minute, shouldn't I be done already...9...i'm out of buttons and still have the bottom/last one to sew. HO-LEE-MACARONI...I made too many button holes. Seriously? Are you kidding? I couldn't tell you how I did it if I tried. Was I up too late (yes)? Did I lay out EIGHT holes (yes!)? Then what on earth happened? Oh well. I got to work and wore it anway - and everyone loved it - especially Erin because her favorite color is green!

Wednesday - Commuting/Classic Penn Station/New York

Wednesday morning started off like this...


...just me and my coffee in the wee morning hours! Until...duh duh train broke down! Luckily we were partially in a we didn't need to wait for another train to come push us, etc. The bad part was that they kept announcing "We have a mechanical problem, the engineer is working on it" for about 20 minutes until they said "This train is out of service. Please detrain (yes, they use that word!) in an orderly fashion. Another train will be here in a few minutes and you can take that to Penn Station." So a thousand people are now trying to get off the train, a double decker no less, and the platforms are filling up. The train comes. Too many people. I decide to wait (something I learned to do more easily when I was pregnant). The next train will come on a completely different platform so we all shuffle down some stairs, through a tunnel and back up the other side. Turns out that the train coming in is the one my old knitting group takes - so at least I find them and catch up on what's new in everyone's lives. End result: I was one hour late to work. Urgh.

At the end of the day I run across two crazy New Yorker things:

  1. Woman w handouts saying: Sin will steal your soul in heaven
    Response: commuters laughing
  2. Overhead PA system tip to passengers: Don't be CELLfish when talking on your cell phone. Please be considerate of other passengers.

I realize on the way home that I've left my travel mug on my desk...of course...because that's my day/week.

Hubbins had scheduled a massage appointment for me since I've had a knot in my back for a couple weeks and keep feeling like something REALLY bad is going to happen. The massage is good, the steam shower is awesome, and I return home feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Thursday - One more day!!!

At 6:30 Hubbins says to me "Are you not going to work today?" to which I bolt out of bed and jump into the shower. I guess the massage really knocked those toxins around in my system and I completely ignored (and shut off) my alarm clock! Great!

Seeing as I left my travel mug at work on Wednesday, I grabbed a thermos from the cabinet and headed to the station. While standing on the platform I decide to take a sip. I screw off the "cup", press the button on the top, and try to take a sip from what appears to be the opening. WRONG! Instead of going in my mouth, a whole bunch of coffee pours down the front of my jacket (which I just washed on Monday) and onto the bottoms of my pant legs. I should have just gone back to bed right there and then.

I ran out of pink yarn for the baby blanket part way through the train ride into the city. So I started Sally's Neck Warmer using Tilli Tomas Flurries in a georgeous "burnt orange" color. It's just so niiiiiiiice.

feather and fan for sally

Casey is one of the things that make everything less stressful at the end of my day...can you wonder why? Here she is with her Mardi Gras mask...let's get ready to par-tay!

Mardi we come!

The "mess" behind her is a painting on her easel - she did not paint on our dining room walls as one friend asked

Friday - Crowded House

I woke up on time, got my regular seat on the train and things were looking good!
But the subway was SO crowded because there was a police investigation at 4th Street. Should I really have expected the week to end any different? Really? Luckily I'm a pro at where to stand on the platform and was right at the doors when they opened. Here's my self-portrait for the day...I wish you could feel the over-crowding, pushing, shoving and attitude better.


I did finish Sally's Neck Warmer - I have to take a picture still - and it looks really great on her!

It's almost quittin' time and I'm so glad to be heading home! I also got a note from Jill that she received the Noro sweater and she loves it - I'm hoping to see some modeling photos from her soon (hint hint).

I've got no big weekend plans - except to catch up on my sleep and figure out my next project - hooray!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Happy Knitting Y'all!


Jeannine said...

Wow, what a busy week you had!!! Can't wait to see the neck warmer. I've never taken a train to's interesting hearing about NY!

Dora said...

You crack me up. Makes me remember why I did not like the train (except the time to read and knit - but at the time I was commuting, I did not knit yet).

Only 13 more days until we get to meet :)

Oh an pew, my dog Simon (my little yorkie) has the WORST gas this morning. We never feed him different food so he must just be getting old and flatulent. Whew, I'll have to plug my nose and keep going. Thank goodness he is not a big dog otherwise I'd have to evacuate the house. :)