Monday, February 02, 2009

Knit Wits and Tidbits

Yesterday was our knitting groups Secret Santa party at Patty's house...the holidays continue! We had a wonderful time and it was so AWESOME to see everyone again because, for me at least, the times I see everyone are few and far between due to my work/train schedule being so different than everyone elses. I felt honored to still be included in the fun!

Yeman was my Santa and she gave me some beautiful Patternworks Bretton yarn in an eggplant color. I have a project in mind...but I have to finish up a couple other things first - it's SO tempting to want to start on something right away though! Thanks Yeman.

Little Miss Casey came to the party with me and was much more social than last year - she even let Mara tickle and chase her...something she screamed about a year ago! Mara was so kind to give Casey a new backpack and stuffed Snowman...thanks again!

Over the weekend I worked, diligently, on the Tangled Yoke. Row 11 of the chart was my enemy. Not only did I have to backtrack on the first half (found a mistake about half way through it) but I got most of the way through the second half and had to back track all the way back to the beginning. Anyone who has knit this sweater knows all about the halves. All in all I figure Row 11 must have taken me a couple hours to knit. As it now stands, I've finished all but the Buttonhole band on the right side and need to sew the buttons and ribbon onto the left side and it will be done. I've already finished all the ends and underarms etc and it looks like it will fit quiet nicely - hooray! Here are some photos I took on my blackberry last night as a preview...

tangled yoke 2

tangled yoke 1

Last weeks contest winner is...Dora!!! You've won a knitting calendar that I will get into the mail to you this week...esp since January is already behind us (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!?!?!)

This week's knitting goals:
  1. Finish Tangled Yoke
  2. Work on Noro Cardigan
  3. Determine baby blanket patterns for March and May babies
Happy Knitting everyone!


A Homely Heroine said...

The tangled yoke is looking great, its a total mystery to me how its done : )

Dora said...

Oh I am soooo honored to win. I shall cherish my award deeply :)

Oh and the tangled yoke looks great. But, don't you just hate where there is a project where get stuck on one row, over and over and over again. I am having that issue with a baby sweater right now. The pattern is correct it is just my inability to knit those 113 stitches properly. I think on this little 6 month size sweater I have spent enough time to have actually made about 3 of them by now.