Friday, February 06, 2009

Knitting, A New York Minute and Thee


The Noro Cardi is knitting up great. I'm wrapping up the sleeves this afternoon and will get to the Right Front tonight...and will start blocking the sleeves and back so I can start sewing together tomorrow night (fingers crossed). Then I have to do the edge ribbing - possibly on Sunday - so finished pics will be posted next week!

Here are some progress shots...

The left front (blocking) and the back (in progress)
noro cardi 2

Close up of pocket on left front
noro cardi 3

Sleeves (of course, two at a time)
noro cardi 5
noro cardi 4

New York Minute

While on the subway Wednesday afternoon, in a New York minute, I saw...
  • A spectacularly grey haired woman wearing the coolest Edith Head glasses

  • A mod girl with short black bangs wearing a bright green coat over a yellow shirt...she was just adorable!

  • An older balding man wearing ALL WHITE...a short sleeved polo shirt, SHORTS, socks and his wisps of hair...ALL WHITE (except for his Yarmulke, which was black)

  • A homeless man, wearing all black, sleeping while standing up against a wall

Self portraits

I recently joined a self-portrait group on Flickr called "365 days, the knitterly and crafty types"

To be honest, I haven't taken a photo EVERY day - but I have been trying. Here are the most recent:

February 6, 2009
Location: at the office
Time: early morning, 8:00-ish

self portrait feb 6 2009

February 5, 2009
Location: on the train with the sun glaring in my eyes
Time: afternoon, around 4:20pm

self portrait feb 5 2009

Happy Knitting everyone! And TGIF!


LillyZoo said...

Great post I am along for the ride

Jeannine said...

OOOH! I love Noro yarn. Have some in my stash too. I thought maybe ours were same colorway, but I think now that you posted, they are so far your progress. Also love your portraits. You will get to be creative with those if you do 365 of them! Wow, maybe you can make a photo album of them afterwards?

MoniqueB. said...

You're so brave! I absolutely can't see pic's of myself at all. That's why I táke pictures...
The noro is looking good! It's so soft, the colours will suit you perfectly.
(be carefull with washing, I've read on Ravelry is getting 'bigger' then.)
The NYminute is famous, and to see them in pictures: unique!