Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eleven, Twelve, One, Two, Three, Four...

I know most folks don't get routine knitting time each day like I do because I take the train. So maybe this doesn't apply to anyone else but weird ol' me...

Do you find yourself counting even after you've stopped knitting?

I know this happens to me a lot at night when I'm walking home. If I'm working on a pattern that's in sets of 12s...well then I'm counting my steps in twelves...*twelve steps down the stairs, repeat from *, turn right, go through tunnel, go up stairs, two three four, cross parking lot, eleven twelve one, cross street, etc.

Usually it wears off before I get home - mostly due to the cold weather reminding me of how stinking cold and windy it's been lately.

Please tell me I'm not alone :o)

Happy Knitting Tuesday!


LillyZoo said...

Thats funny. I dont get to knit very often. But it's kind of like the chuga chuga of the choochoo.

MoniqueB. said...

Not with counting, but words. That repeat themselves, or songs that repeat the same line over and over and over and over. I can't snap out of it!
Maybe it's the swing of things with you!