Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weird dream...with a knitting twist!

I had the strangest dream last night.

I was at a Frederic Fekkai salon...but not the one in Manhattan. I was getting a pedicure...but I've only gotten one twice in my life so that was weird. And the technician wasn't doing anything but painting my toe nails - so it wasn't really a pedicure. She was giving me a "sample pack" of polishes that had 12 colors and was going to use a dark metallic blue - which was kind of cool. But when I looked at my toes they were a pale pink color. All of a sudden I was sitting on a brown suede couch (still at the Salon) and Hubbins was there trying to pay the lady. Next to me was Stefanie Japel...she was telling me that she contacted the salon about getting an appointment and they picked her up in a private jet to get there - no charge. I said to her "Oh yeah, they do that for people all the time" - obviously a dream! Hubbins and I left the salon and we were in a huge hotel but then I was in a room packing to leave and my sister was there telling me I had plenty of time and whatever I couldn't carry she would return to me in the mail. I have no idea what city we were in, where my husband went, or why my sister and Stefanie were there. My alarm clock went off and I jumped out of bed...still thinking I would be late for something!

What does it all mean? And what was I knitting?!?! Was this caused by the mysterious earthquake (read previous post below)? Did it happen because I'm in dire need of sleep lately?


Dora said...

You are making me laugh so hard. That is hilarious. I love those dreams with bunchs of random sequences. I especially love the pedicure pick up.... I will suggest that next time I go to the nail salon here :)

Alyssa said...

I love that you dream about Stefanie! Maybe you're meant to be BFFs!!! I hope she reads this and laughs.

MoniqueB. said...

Your sister has your back. You can count on her, even if you don't have to.
Maybe the technician is telling you to take some more time for yourself. And that what you want, isn't necissarily good for you.
So relax, you're on the right track, if you only step out once in a while to refresh your view on things.