Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My SECOND earthquake...and in another unlikely location!

Today's breaking news...An earthquake occured approximately 3 miles from my house! Here's the link to it: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2009/02/it_sounded_like_an_explosion.html

They even mention our town...Morris Plains! It's just crazy!

We went to bed right around the time that the quake happened...but I can't say I noticed anything unusual. I've been quite exhausted the past few days (since I had bronchitis last week actually) so I'm sure that's why I was oblivious to it. My friend Sally sent me a text message when she saw it on the 11 o'clock news...so she was my first notification when I woke up this morning.

And you read correctly...this was my 2nd earthquake. Back in 2002 I was up in Shelburne, VT visiting Liz and Mike and I woke up suddenly that morning thinking a plane was flying too closely overhead or that a load of laundry was off balance - notice I said I had woken up suddenly. So there I lay, frozen in bed, covers up to my nose listening to Kahlua and Chip barking, everyone else jumping out of bed wondering what was happening. But I stayed in bed - what was I thinking? I think the quake lasted for a good 30 seconds, it had a magnitude of 5.1 - and it seemed to last an eternity! Here's a news account...http://www.seismo-watch.com/EQS/AB/2002/020420.NY/020420.NY.html

In knitting news...which is much less exciting I suppose...

I didn't finish the Tangled Yoke last night. I think I'm a little afraid of my sewing machine and putting the ribbon on the button band. I said "afraid of my sewing machine" not because I don't know how to sew...but because the last time I used it I had some trouble with the bobbin catching. You see, it's my grandmother's old Singer and even though I had it serviced and "tuned up" it's just not quite right...which makes me kind of sad because I was SO excited when she gave it to me. I will probably have to test knit on something else - an old swatch or fabric - before putting my sweater through the feeder. Ah well...soon enough!

In the meantime I'm back working on the Noro Cardi...finished one of the fronts and decided to work on the back - because I like having something bigger to work on while I'm commuting - especially on a snowy day where delays might be expected...better to have too much knitting than not enough, right?

Have a quake-free day!

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