Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Way too far in advance!

I always have a zillion ideas floating through my head when it comes to blogging. I even write a lot of them down when I'm nowhere near a computer. Here are a few that struck my fancy today:

Mother's Day. (Yep, Mother's Day, seriously)

I know it's still four months away but I'd really like to make my mom a sweater this year and so I've got to start planning. I haven't made her a sweater in a VERY long time...since my beginner knitter days...and I just know in my heart that she'll love and wear a new one if I make it. But picking the right design and the right yarn is the hard part. Her hair is a dark-reddish-brown so she's very selective when it comes to color. Maybe something in the purple family. And ideally I would love to design something for her. You can see where my brain gets in a tizzy, right? And I'll admit, I was looking at what a FABULOUS job Jeannine did in making her Violette le duc that I'm contemplating making it for my mom (seams be damned!).

Charity Knitting

I know we're all happily knitting this, that and the other thing...who us? But Kaleidoscope Yarns is sponsoring this great charity "event" and I wanted to pass along the good word. A 13" by 13" square will take you what...a couple hours (???) to knit? I know I'm going to do my part! And as a bonus, if you want to help, but don't have any Encore worsted weight yarn, I will send you a skein if you send me the square upon completion. I'll make sure you get the credit in the long run and a shot at winning a prize. Please email me for more info! :o)

Noro Cardi

I'm in the middle of seaming the Noro Cardi and it's coming along SO nicely. Here's a "before" photo of the back and sleeves...

and a close up of one of the sleeves during blocking...don't you just love the colors?!?!


Since it's really hard to seam the Cardi on the train, I whipped this Luxe Neck Warmer up over the past two days. I used Tilli Tomas Mogul and it's really quite fabulous.
SP february 11 2009

Note #1: it's quite warm in NYC today...of I don't know if I'll wear it home this evening...go figure!
Note #2: this is also my Self Portrait for today - note how tired I look...(read next bit)

Calm before the storm

So Ramona the Brave had a fever late last week and couldn't go to school. Hubbins woke up Monday with a fever and the doctor told him he has the flu. He is currently holed up at home under layers of blankets and stashed away in the basement with gallons of water and a bottle of lysol!

However, last weekend we had a break in the weather and a break between illnesses...and everyone was happy...see for yourself :o)



Jeannine said...

Hi! Hey, thanks for the comment on my Violette :) I think you would do splendidly on it and probably you wouldn't have trouble on the shaping of the collars and seams as much as I-still no errata is posted on Berroco site :(...I think your Mom would love whatever color you chose! I also love, love the Noro cardigan. And your blocking board too! Dandy!

MoniqueB. said...

The Picture-a-day is coming along great, huh? Beautiful cowl, with those specs of colour in it. Nice and warm.
The Noro is beautiful.
And planning ahead ain't a bad thing, I think your mother will appreciate it even more if she knew you started early with her sweater. Now, how to hide it from her....