Friday, February 27, 2009

Cause they're whose clues? Blue's Clues!

For some reason I woke up with this song in my head - yes, Blue's Clues...weird!

It's been a super busy week at work and I am totally exhausted - so TGIF!!!

On the knitting front I finished my white pinwheel blanket on Wednesday evening - it looks great (photos to come over the weekend). I knit it in a sport weight on US8s. I LOVE the drape - esp because I usually like a tighter fabric on most projects. So this one got me thinking outside the box - hooray!

The funny thing about this blanket is that I worked late on Tuesday night and was able to meet up with my old knitting group on the train. Marybeth saw the blanket and asked what I was making. I told her and she laughed. My friend Patty, who later joined us, was also making the SAME blanket, ALSO in white! OMG, we had a good laugh. Right before Patty and I got off the train I put my blanket on my looked like a giant shower cap or chefs hat. Patty put her's on as well and we were laughing quite hard. Sue took a photo - and if I can get her to send it to me (come on Sue!!!) I'll share it - you'll crack up, I swear!

I started my first charity square on the train today - and got about 2.5" done - whoot whoot! I'm hoping to get a few of these done over the weekend - hooray!

In sad yarn news, the shop in our lobby is having a 50% off sale (which is actually great news for Alyssa and me) but I asked one of the nicer ladies if they were going out of business and she said "we prefer to say 'closing our doors'". It's really sad - they've been there for 22 years! If you have any thoughts on yarns you like and want me to look for you...just drop me a line! Yarn for the stash at 50% off - how can you pass that up?

Well - back to work - too busy for words right now!

Happy knitting friends!


Dora said...

Too funny with the Blues Clues. We have no kids but everyday when Hubby and I walk to the mailbox he sings.. "We just got a letter, We just got a letter, We just got a letter, Wonder who it's from".

Glad to have that stuck in your head now huh?

Share said...

LOL Too funny! I was *just* singing that song myself! LOL

Can't wait to see pics of the blanket...on the head or not. ;)

Jeannine said...

oh how very sad about the yarn shop. I would snatch up some Noro silk garden if I were only there, but I bet it goes FAST!!!
So sad when a great shop cannot make it in our economic times. I want to see the "BIG SHOWER CAP" photo!

SueKnits4Fun said...

hee hee hee