Thursday, August 19, 2010

no yarn, i said NO yarn (how about notions?)

Gosh, I think I've mentioned it before...but Office Space is one of my favorite movies ever [slowly mouthing 'miiiiicheal bollllllton'] ha ha

So I'm on this yarn diet. But you know, you're knitting and you ONLY need this "one thing" at the LYS which turns into "well the yarn was SUCH a low price, how could I pass it up?" Yeah, I'm SO there right now!

But I figure, I've got yarn, plenty of yarn. And I've got patterns too, of course. However, if I can get SUPER inspired by a new pattern, or part of a pattern, that will HELP me use up some of the yarn, it's ok to "invest" in new patterns, right? [gosh, i hope you're nodding with me right now]

And despite my moment of weakness when I purchased yarn to make test least those purchases had PURPOSE and were used up right away (for the most part). Who knows, those test knits could end up as gifts - BONUS! My latest "investments" have been a couple new Addi Turbo Lace needles from Kaleidoscope (hey Jill!) and some brass stitch markers from knitpicks. Useful things. Things that will spend years helping me with my craft.

All in all, I think I'm doing pretty good. I haven't gone cold turkey...and I haven't gone on a binge...just laying low somewhere in between. Keeping the status quo. How about you?

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juicyknits said...

I'm also on a yarn diet, but I still cannot pass some great deals. :(