Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today is my work anniversary - FOURTEEN YEARS - say wha?!?!

In honor of this accomplishment, they've inundated me with work and I'll probably be here late making OT.

Go team!

Keeping it simple, for an extra entry in my surprise give-away (which ends tomorrow at 1:oopm), what's the next "anniversary" in your life? Can be, marriage, work, knitting!


Susan C. said...

Mine is my work anniversary, too! But it's only 2 years. Congrats on 14 years, hopefully next year the celebration will be more fun than OT! :)

Sarah said...

My three-year wedding anniversary is coming up in less than a month, and then my five-year work anniversary is coming up in November. Hard to believe it's been that long!

Ria said...

My 20th wedding anniversary is in Feb, My 20th work anniv is next May.

Yvonne said...

My wedding anniversary is in October.

(Watch out for that SJ Person -- she's a wily one!) ;-)

jlr said...

I'm not married, but the person I'm dating and I will celebrate 2 years in December. I'll also celebrate 3 years of being an aunt in December, when my elder nephew has his birthday!

Laura said...

Happy work anniversary to you! I just had my five-year work anniversary, graduating to the all-important three weeks of vacation. (more time for sheep & wool, I suppose!)

Next month will be four years together with Josh!

Anonymous said...

What a way to "celebrate" a work anniversary like that!

I guess my 4th "work" anniversary is coming up, in that I'll be entering my 5th year of grad school in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe I've already spent so much time here.