Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Insomnia, Busy and Knitting (of course)

Last night, at 11:00pm, I was sucked into watching some random Housewives show which was taking place in NYC during Fashion Week. At least I think it was a Housewives show. But they kept talking about LA...and there was very little wife to wife drama/conflict. So who knows, it could have been something else. In any case, I stayed up WAY too late watching something with no added value. Shame on me. Especially because I had gotten up at 4:45am to be at the office by 7:00 and had worked ten hours. I guess I was past the point of exhausted and had caught my second wind. Once I turned the tv off I laid there, listening to the fan and crickets, petting Peanut letting my brain wander. That's the worst part...really. The mental to-do list starts to take shape and it leads into anxiety and panic. Seeing as I thought yesterday was Wednesday probably didn't help either.

Today I was back up at 6am and the routine of the weekday...but desperately looking forward to the weekend and, possibly, a nap! Gosh, I do love naps....they're the bees knees.

On the knitting front I'm cranking along with the wedding shawl and am now praying that I don't run out of yarn! That'll teach me, right? I kept going with the body reps to make it bigger - and I thought I would have PLENTY left to do the edging. Hmmm, keep your fingers crossed - I'll know by tonight whether or not Knit Picks will be getting another order from choochooknits tomorrow morning - ha ha

Also, have you seen this hat yet? ZOMG...cute and comfy! I'll let you know when Kirsten releases the pattern. Oh, and just a tip - you MUST try the new Quince Osprey yarn - nommy nom nom!


Happy knitting until next time!

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Jeannine said...

Cute hat! I did look at the Quince folks' yarn and it does look rather wonderful! Hope you get a nap!