Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fated Yarn and a Mini Contest of sorts!

In July 2009 I purchased some yarn at Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale, NY on my way to a company outing. One was a green with yellow and turquoise tweed; the other was a golden yellow. They were fingering weight. But they were SUPER on sale and I "had to" have them. So, ever since that fateful day a year ago, they've enhanced my stash, nothing more, nothing less.

Until yesterday. A friend of mine sent me a test pattern and said "use fingering weight"...and use two colors. When I got home I paid my old friend, "Stash", a visit and said "ok, let's see what you've got for me today". Sure enough, I opened a bin and spotted the above mentioned yarns. I pulled out a couple other skeins to lay them out and compare color combos. But, as fate would have it, the green tweed and yellow gold were MEANT for this project - believe me, when I show you pictures in a week or so, you're TOTALLY going to agree with me. Even The Punk agreed that the colors were good for the pattern - guess my knitting is really rubbing off on him after all this time!

How about y'all? Any fated yarn use of late? And why not...let's make it a yarn contest...just because! Tell me your best fated yarn story and I'll pick a winner on/about August 13th - we'll MAKE it a lucky day! Winner will let me know their fave color du jour and I'll send them something nommy!

Happy knitting my friends!


Susan C. said...

I suppose the most recent fateful yarn story I have is the skein of Dream in Color I bought to knit myself a Falling Leaves scarf. That scarf went nowhere, fast, and I was stuck with a hank of green yarn - and I never wear green! As luck would have it, a co-worker is having a baby boy, and since she's not extremely traditional, a green baby sweater is now on the needles for her wee one. :_

Laura said...

I had long-loved the look of Trekking 100 sock yarn (thanks to Ravelry) and walked into a yarn shop with my mom on a trip back home to Pittsburgh a few years ago. It was a new-to-me shop and I was new to sock knitting and bowled over by the selection. What's the first thing I spot but Trekking 100? That was the first time I fell down hard in a LYS. The rest, as they say, was history. =)

Yvonne said...

I want to know what yarn store Laura went to! Cause, you know, I kinda work at one.

My fated yarn story has to do with our good friend Yarny Old Kim. She had gifted me with some Malabrigo Lace, and I would look at it and pet it and then put it away, not knowing what to do with it (and being a little skeert of it). Take it out, pet it, put it away. Then Anna suggested a bitterroot knitalong...and I found these awesome beads...and they just happen to go with the yarn...and, well, there ya have it!

Anonymous said...

A little over a year ago, I bought some Beaverslide yarn in this gorgeous teal color, because it happened to be on clearance, but I'd never tried their worsted-weight before, so I didn't really know what I would do with it.

Fast-forward a few months, while I was deep in the midst of comps-reading, and got an idea for a yoked sweater with giant estonian-style lace. I think you might know how this story ends...the Beaverslide yarn ended up being beyond perfect for the design, blooming perfectly after a bath so that the nupps just *popped*. And that's the story of how last year's Rhinebeck sweater came to be.

sheep#100 said...

I was given some nearly solid navy heather sock yarn when Neatnik was three. It sat in stash until the summer before we chose a grammar school for her. Then it became socks for school: the school we picked uses navy plaid jumpers and navy shorts as part of their uniforms!