Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mods and Routines

Well, I have a secret to share. I changed patterns for the mystery wedding shawl. I also changed yarn. I also, started from scratch and put the original project in a time out :o)

Why? Well, I was never quite sure I would have enough of the original yarn to finish the project. Since its a discontinued KP yarn and I couldn't convince anyone on Ravelry to part with theirs, I had to make some tough decisions. To be fair, the yarn was bare and I can understand why dye-hard knitters (get it, DYE, ha ha) would have a hard time selling/trading it. The yarn is quite nice - some combination of alpaca, wool and *maybe* silk?

So the new project is SUPER TOP SECRET - well, besides that I just told you - oops

In other news, my routine is OFF this week. My "other half" (at work) is away for two weeks in Ireland and the sad. So my hours are off. My bosses are throwing me curve balls. Her bosses are asking questions I need to research. Worst of all...I'm forgetting to take my vitamin every day! I know, I know, it's a little thing, but it's "our" thing that we do after lunch. Centrum. Women's. She even made me put the bottle on my desk so I would remember. And I'm not. Ugh. How will I survive the next week and a half if this is what it's like on the third day? ha ha. I love and miss her - that's why she's a friend and co-worker, in that order. Hope she's having the best. time. ever!

So, today, in honor of routines, tell me one thing that throws you off if you don't have/do it every day? Coffee? Vitamins? Showering (ewww)?

Happy crafting!


Susan C. said...

I have an "other half" at work, too, and it's amazing how much I miss her when she's gone! I think we're lucky to have buddies like that in the workplace, but it does throw things off when they're not there. :)

Laura said...

Thanks, you just reminded me to take my vitamins. =)

p.s. I'm updating my blogroll today! I swear!