Monday, November 30, 2009

WOW Thanksgiving - Thank you for being past tense!

Well, Thanksgiving weekend was crazy and calm and healthy and achy - what a rollercoaster!

We ended up not having the holiday at our home at all - hey, who am I to complain about not cleaning all those dishes? My in-laws cooked a standing rib roast and a small turkey breast (for me since I can't eat red meat) and some side dishes and we brought additional side dishes to their home. Afterward we went to my folks place for dessert. My sister and her family were up from VA and we were able to convince my grandmother to come out for a little while. It was nice to see everyone all in one day!

We kind of took it easy on Friday...and only ventured out for bagels in the morning. Who needs traffic and shopping crowds anyway? Not me!

On Saturday one of my cousin's hosted my dad's side of the family at her home: 4 families of 4 and our respective parents - 20 people in all! The kids all had someone "their own age" so Matthew didn't feel like he had to babysit the little kids for a change. I brought along my tripod and remote...this turned out pretty good considering how many smiles we had to get at one time!

365:278 Family

On Sunday I wasn't feeling so great and focused on finishing a couple of projects I've had in the pipeline (sorry, that's the Investment Banking side of me coming through!) for a while.

I finished up the Beagle scarf I was making for my friend and co-worker as a surprise holiday present. As the story goes, he often spies Alyssa and I looking at our current WIPs and usually asks "Hey, is that the scarf you're making me?" or says "Gee, that color doesn't really match my coat." Won't he be surprised when I hold up the scarf, he makes a comment, and I actually give it to him! Priceless.


Seeing as I had finished one thing...why not make it two in one day? I dragged out the sewing machine and sat down at the dining room table to pin (and re-pin and re-pin and re-pin) the zipper into Ken's unfinished sweater. Darn him making me learn how to sew a zipper into a hand knit! Anyway, after some fiddling with the machine and a couple passes through's done!

Ken's Sweater - for Ravelry

Ken's Sweater - for Ravelry

Ken's Sweater - for Ravelry

I also worked on a SUPER DUPER REALLY SECRET project - but, obviously, I can't blog more than than right now. Look for photos on/about December 19th!

Lastly, Ann, the creative genius behind Weaver Knits will be publishing a new (and FREE) Recession Pattern in the coming weeks. I am honored to be test knitting for her - and happy that I can knit using yarn from my stash - hooray for bustin' it up! I'll post some preview pics as soon as I can!

Happy Knitting all!


craftivore said...

Ken's sweater is amazing, I hope he loves it. And if he doesn't, I'm sure you have a remedy for that. Do you sure you want to give Beagle away? It looks like a cozy classic.

weaverknits said...

Thanks for the link!!! That is one awesome zipper installation, by the way.

Dora said...

Wow, the sweater looks great and can't wait to see all the other items you complete this holiday. I am living viacariously through your knitting this holiday season. I just can't get the knitting mojo to crank out the gifts. :)

Radka said...

Beautiful blog, have a nice day Radka.