Thursday, November 19, 2009

An actual knitting request! (and a quick project)

I usually knit things for my family without asking them what they would like...mostly because I don't want to hear "oh, that's alright, you don't have to make me something". I think most have a pair of socks (or two), and a scarf or a hat or mittens. I like making practical gifts more than anything.

A few years ago I made my Mom a lacy scarf with some Lorna's Laces. Purples and greens = lovely. It was my first "big" lace project as well as my first blocking one. Needless to say, I learned A LOT from it.

Last night I was talking to my Mom about Swine Flu, because, you know, it's a fun conversation to have before Thanksgiving with family. My Mom brought up Christmas gift ideas for her and my Dad. The last thing she asked was for a handmade scarf. I said "Of course...but do you want a warm scarf or a fashion scarf?" "I'm not sure. Maybe something long that wraps around like all the stores are showing." Hmmm, I'm not a big store shopper these days so I said "A scarf or a cowl, because cowl's are very popular these days." She said "A scarf." "What color? Do you want it to match a coat or some clothes?" "Oh, well, I guess I hadn't thought about that. Can I get back to you?" "Sure - just let me know."

I have to say - this is EXCITING! It's like my Mom is pseudo-commissioning me to make a scarf for her - yippie! As thoughts of stitches and lengths and yarns are rushing through my head I'm thinking of almost making her a cowl and scarf set - so she can always pull the cowl on for really cold days (can go up over her nose and face - she DOES get cold) and wrap the scarf around for extra toasty-ness. And on "warmer" days, or for fashion, she can wrap it around her neck willy-nilly. Right?

On another note, since my co-worker is still waiting for her h1n1 test results to come back, our family is running under the assumption that I am a carrier (go me!) and are treating me like I have the plague. I get it...really. Precautions are precautions are precautions. One sick person in a house is better than two sick adults AND two sick kids. Can dogs get it? Hmmm. Sorry Peanut, no more kisses for you until I'm in the clear - boo hiss.

But *just in case* all is good and we get the sign of approval that swine flu is not in our future, we have Thanksgiving at Ramona's school tonight. Part of the fun of this gathering is that they send home paper headbands, paper feathers, beads and string for us to make Indian headdresses for the festivities. It's a great time for families to sit and craft together - right up my alley! Unfortunately, they only sent home two headbands this year (Ramona and her friends make theirs in school). So I let K & M use the materials, Ramona strung up a necklace and I sat down with some brown, orange and green yarns. This is the result...

headband 2

headband 3

What do you think? Does it say "Thanksgiving" or "Autumn" or "Blobs of color"?

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Unknown said...

omg - that's adorable. I love the top-stitching on those leaves!!

I hope you got the "all clear" by now and can stop getting the cootie treatment...