Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weighted Stitches

There's been a lot on my mind lately...some of which has been written here, most of which has not.

What I thought about last night, while starting ANOTHER holiday present, is that our emotions , our states-of-minds, are sometimes knit into every stitch of a project. To expand, the project becomes a part of us due to external (physical and emotional) influences that occur while we are making it.

Prime example, I will always remember that I started my daughter's first sweater while we were visiting my in-laws on Martha's Vineyard in 2006. Those stitches, and that sweater, were my first steps back into (obsessive) knitting. I will always keep that sweater because it is evidence of my (lack of) skill at the time and reminds me of how far I've come in three short years. Those stitches have become a part of my history.

I am now making a scarf for my mom and while knitting it last night I was thinking of a friend of mine who is going through some tough times. I am happy that the scarf will be a part of mine AND my mom's life because my mom is a good "keeper". It saddens me that any friend is pained, but to know there is an outlet for me to think and create, well, that's quite a joy.

Know what I mean?

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Dora said...

Amen to that sister. I too believe that we knit a little of our lives into everything we make. I enjoy looking at the picture I have taken of my nieces and nephews in items I made them and remember what was going on when I made it.

This season while not knitting gifts, I have taken time to just enjoy the craft for myself. Socks give me comfort with the rythmic turn of the needles just knitting in circles... ahhh relaxation.

Can't wait to see Mom's scarf ! ! !