Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tempting Cozy Knits

When I first started back to work after my maternity leave I found that, with an infant, washable clothes were the way to go. Comfort was also a large factor since my body wasn't "back in shape" yet. Having received a J. Jill catalog, I decided to go to one of their stores and found some versatile, WASHABLE, wrinkle-free and affordable pieces. While I still wear some of the pants I bought (let's face it...we all have "those" days), I stopped shopping at J. Jill a few years ago.

But then the front cover of their catalog had this...

Hello...FOUR gorgeous knits in one picture? And this isn't a knitting magazine? I was in love!

With a little research I found FREE patterns for similar items...and have been adding them to my queue on Ravelry.

How about this Beret knit by Nonnahs*, designed by Natalie Larson

Or this v-neck cabled sweater by Jordana Paige

Gloves to keep your fingers warm by Julie Mueller

Or this fabulous Scarf by Lion Brand

It's amazing that knitters can always make something for themselves...rather than spend exorbident amounts of money...and feel a sense of accomplishment of "hey, I made this!" at the end. Granted, there is the cost of the yarn, but I'm sure we've got something hidden away in our stashes that would work...or how about having a Yarn Trade party with your friends - something "new" for everyone that way?

Until next time...happy knitting

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Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out1 You should totally make one of those berets! :)