Friday, November 20, 2009

Just call me "Lysol Lungs"

My co-worker is still out (thankfully) and is believed to have the flu (swine or otherwise) for certain. She's not allowed back to work until Monday (at the earliest).

Another co-worker, who does not sit in our vicinity, called out sick today. She thinks it's just a cold...fingers crossed it's nothing more serious.

Several other co-workers are in various stages of coughing, sneezing, hacking, miserable, etc.

Just call me Lysol Lungs...because all I do, every day, when I get to work is spray peoples desks down. Lovely.

In my knitting I've been working on holiday gifts and finally received the zippers for Ken's cardigan. I *may* try to attempt it this weekend - but I'll do a combo of hand basting and then machine sewing so I need to borrow-back my MIL's machine (alas, I am still functioning machine-less).

Keep thinking positive and HEALTHY thoughts - and happy knitting!


Virginia G said...

I'm just getting over the same stupid lung crap that your coworkers seem to have. It wasn't swine flu, but I'm still coughing terribly.

I think it's just going around NYC.

LillyZoo said...

you are so funny!!! but stayin well!