Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swine Flu

This morning a close co-worker got sent home after she went to her doctor. She's been hacking/coughing at the office for several days, was out sick several days last week, and, this morning, was running a fever and was tested for h1n1.

While she is one of my favorite peeps, I'm fairly frustrated that she: a) didn't go to the dr last week; b) brought her germy-germs to the office to share with us (and possibly our families); and c) repeat the last two.

And while I might ordinarily appreciate "staying home sick" for its potential of quiet knitting time at home, I know that if I, or any of my family members, do get h1n1, the last thing I'll be doing is knitting. Which kinda stinks because I do have quite a bit of holiday knitting underway. And Thanksgiving is approaching...and family get-togethers...ugh!

So I'm spraying any and every surface with Lysol and keeping my thoughts positive. It may, or may not, help that I am already on antibiotics to deal with an ear infection (diagnosed on Monday) in case it's something other than h1n1. But what about my that because I slept wrong or a symptom of things to come?

Ok, no more paranoia - back to work (and more knitting!)

Have a healthy day!


craftivore said...

H1N1 is all over the place around here. They're not even testing anyone unless they're critically ill. My son had the flu last week. Was it the swine? We will never know even though I took him to the doc. The assumption is yes. He was over it in three days. I had a fever yesterday, in recovery today.

Ria said...

I'm pretty amazed at the durability of the phones and keyboards at work. I literally drench them until they drip with Lysol every morning. I wipe my touch screen with a lysol wipe before turning it on every morning. And a fairly large bottle of hand sanitizer only lasts me a week. I'm really not a germaphobe, but A. people I work with can be gross B. I can't get sick right now. C. My daughter really can't afford to miss school right now.