Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you know how much knitters rock?

Okay, that's a silly question to actually ask a bunch of knitters...BUT...do you know how much knitters rock?

Let me tell you.

This morning (actually, a mere 1/2 hour ago) I was knitting peacefully on the train when a lovely gal approached me and said "Are you Choo Choo Knits?" Giggling, I said "Why yes I am". And that's how I met GabFab...a friend of the lovely YarnyOldKim (who is NOT old by any stretch of the imagination). Gabrielle went on to tell me that she got on in Summit and spied me knitting and could tell, just from a brief glimpse of my profile, who I was from Kim's pics on flickr. I love Flickr; I love Ravelry; but most of all I LOVE KNITTERS!

I was going to compare Ravelry to a dating website. You can find people who have similar tastes in patterns/yarns or knitters by location or by additional interests (tv shows, sports, motherhood). The thing that's SO much better than a dating website - there's absolutely NO pressure to friend anyone or follow up with a phone call or go on a second date. You can comment on a total stranger's new sweater and you never have to chat again - no strings (pun intended) attached. In fact, just knowing that someone else is a knitter somehow gives me automatic peace of mind when I "meet" them - for example, I can think: "they are not a mass murderer with needles"..."they are a knitter and I DO have something to talk to them about".

If everyone knit would the world be a nicer place? It's friendly. It's calming. It's fun and challenging and inviting. Granted, it can also be daunting to learn a new technique or process - but hey, life is full of challenges...and if we don't try them how do we evolve?

Gabrielle and I parted ways once we arrived at Penn Station - but I do hope to see her again someday when our paths (or trains as the case was) cross. I walked to the E train with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Meeting her really was a great pick me up since I've been feeling so melancholy of late (time change, too many social engagements, etc.)

So how much do knitters rock? A whole HELLUVA LOT!

Now go get out there and meet some more - it'll do your mind some good!

Until next time...happy knitting y'all.


Kim said...

Gab texted me that she saw you! I met Gab on the train last year (she spotted my Turn-a-Square hat) and she has since become one of my close friends.
This post has absolutely made my day. I'm feeling PMS-y & generally gloomy but knowing my knitter friends are out there and running into each other is just magic!

Unknown said...

And knitters who blog take the cake! As any veteran (happy vet's day) of the penn sta commute can attest, it takes something pretty special to make that place pleasant...

You (and Kim) just made my day all over again with this post - thanks!! :D

Anonymous said...

Knitters TOTALLY rock! That includes you, lady! :)

Dora said...

Now, I wished I lived in NJ and had to job to commute to so I could get in on all the fun too.

craftivore said...

I'm with ya! Keep spreading that love.