Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tomorrow is Halloween! Saturday is ME time!!

I'm more excited than I'm letting on...I love Halloween!!! It's just the best! I used to make my costumes all the time so I think it reminds me of how crafty I can be outside of knitting.

Fortunately, I haven't had to make costumes for Casey yet - and Matthew will probably outgrow dressing up for a few years - Tweens can be SO difficult!

So I'll be home early for the town parade and enjoy the evening with trick or treaters and friends stopping by! Can't wait.

Then Saturday morning - bright and early - I'm off to Virginia to meet up with Alyssa and Jessica for the Sweater Workshop - I'm pretty excited about that too! Ken helped me ball a bunch of yarn and I started PACKING...YARN...WEIRD!!! Thanks to Jill who sent some goodies along to share good cheer at the workshop as well!

Halloween costumes will be posted tomorrow - so cute...I'm making you check back for them!

Let the count down begin...1 hour and 40 minutes...

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