Monday, October 20, 2008

Good deed...

My husband and I are pretty quiet about the charitable things we do.

However, I have to tell you about the time we took on Saturday to try and help our local police catch a stray dog. We were on a drive back from someplace (I can't even remember what we were doing) and we were coming into town and saw a policeman standing in the raod with a skitish looking dog running back and forth across the street. We pulled up beside him and asked if he wanted some "treats" (they were actually oyster crackers we found in the glove-box, but who's keeping score). He gladly took some and the dog gladly ate them if he threw them to her out of arms reach. We wished him luck and continued another 50 yards down the road. We pulled over and stopped. He needed "back-up".

Ken took the bag of crackers and I stayed in the car with Casey. After a few minutes, Ken was sitting on the curb tossing snacks to the dog and a few more after that he had her eating out of his hand. The officer was able to bring his animal "leash" out of the patrolcar and together he and ken tried to lure this poor girl to safety.

After 10 - 15 minutes they were *thisclose* to having her...but she was quick and took off up the road a little ways. I remembered we had a bag of beef jerky in the car and brought it out for them...and it worked for a little while longer until they *almost* had her again. This time she ran into the nearby woods and we could barely see her.

The poor thing looked like such a nice dog, and seemed like she might have been on the run for a few days (or longer...I can't even bare the thought!). She didn't have a collar on - I hope it's because she managed to get it off and not because she had irresponsible owners. I'm going to call the police to see if they ever got her...maybe Ken and I will discuss (finally) taking on a second dog if she ends up unclaimed at a shelter. Well, I guess we would have to run that by Peanut beforehand too.

We did our best...hopefully her family is out there looking for her right now and there will be a happy ending to our story.

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