Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cathode a la mode

Yesterday morning I finished my first ball of coordinating color (CC) on my Cathode. It got me about an inch into the body section...yes, just an inch. I sat there, brows furrowed, wondering if I would need to buy more yarn...and how could my calculations on yardage have been SO off! Not to mention...why on earth were there SO many stitches...400 to be exact. Well I dug out the pattern and sure enough I (don't fall off your seat) had mis-interpreted the transition row. I read it as: k1f&b, k1f, k1b, k1f in the next stitch (translation: make 5 stitches in each original stitch). So my math would have been correct - 80 original times 5 new = 400. However, the way you're supposed to read the pattern is: k1f&b (in one stitch), (move to next stitch and) k1F, k1b, k1f (translation: make 5 stitches for every 2 original stitches)...and the math works out as intended = 200 sts.

Here's a shot of the WRONG stitch count...

cathode wrong CC count

On the train ride home yesterday afternoon I frogged an ENTIRE ball of yarn, hand wound it into a center pull ball and started again. Can I just say how much faster it seems to be going now (yeah, duh Karen)...

cathode right CC count

My goals for the upcoming holiday weekend are:
1. Finish Cathode
2. Work on Sondra's sweater
3. Start Anise for HSA Auction

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