Friday, October 31, 2008

Before I get the party started...

I know there are many people who have never lived in a big city...nor have they ever commuted to one for work...nor will they ever do either. And I'm totally wishing that I was in that bucket right about now.

But this morning I got to Penn Station and was walking to the subway when all of a sudden, echoing through the underground tunnels, I heard a dog barking incessantly! Of course I knew it was a Police dog - most likely a German Shepard. But usually they are just laying about - or standing "at the ready". NOT barking. Barking signals alarm. People stop and look. You stop in your tracks and wonder if you should panic, run, proceed?

The dog stopped barking. I proceeded.

I walked up the stairs to the E-train and what did I see. Not one. Not two. But four or five armed cops standing with their guns (of the rifle/machine gun variety) held up across their bodies - not aiming at anything, just holding them across, resting on their shoulders in a "ready" position. Usually, whenever I see the the "big guns", they are strapped around their bodies, hanging on their backs.

Needless to say...this all freaked me out. It sucks to even have to deal with something like that. I mean, my sister is in the Army and has had to hold those large rifles, and she sees them every day when she goes on base. But I'm not in the Army. So seeing those "normal" things for her, really causes me stress...and I'm a knitter...I don't like stress! :o) for my second, more cheerful, post for the's HALLOWEEN...HOORAY!!!

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