Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another crazy day/month

Honestly, I can not wait for October to be over and done with.

I've been SO insanely crazy lately - especially this week - with STUFF.

Over the past month I've...
  • Been hit with my second allergy-related illness (a sinus infection). Finally on the mend
  • Been to Martha's Vineyard for a get-away - but which didn't allow much time for me to "get away" so to speak (don't get me wrong - it was one of our best trips there in years!)
  • Been inundated with Soccer team photos that need to be INDIVIDUALLY packaged and labeled for each Division team (approx 150 kids) and each Clinic child (approx 75 kids). Yes, you heard correctly - INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED! Because coaches can't be bothered remembering which players actually got a photo at their party - and which children were missing. I have to put each photo in a zip-lock bag (to protect from sticky party fingers), attach a name tag, then group each one in another plastic bag for distribution. It's all very time consumming - probably about 8 hours for the whole process (maybe more - I don't bother clocking myself anymore).
  • Finished S.J.'s sweater - which seemed to go on forever because I've...
  • Been working on the fundraiser Clapotis (finished completely) and Sweater (90% complete as of last night)
  • Been to Rhinebeck - which was awesome, but again, took time...hey, you've gotta just let the laundry pile up sometimes and LIVE a little, right?
  • Been trying to get the kids ready for Halloween. Casey was the easy one (again) because I said "You're being a doggy, it will be so much fun!" and she said "Ok Mommy. Ruff, ruff". Matthew...not so easy. The first struggle was getting him to get his mom to take him costume shopping. Once that happened the costume came home, the sword was put away for safe keeping (I REALLY dislike any "toys" that are weapons!!!) and that was that. Until last Sunday when I wanted to take pictures of the kids in their costumes. Not only was Matthew's costume filty (from wearing it at his mom's house) but the white outfit was COMPLETELY see-through! So Monday night we trekked out to Party City to see what might be left at the store to either HELP fix the current costume...or to get him another, more suitable one. Two hours later we arrived home empty handed and started rummaging through all of our closets, drawers, etc. We found his pair of karate pants from the trial sessions he went to over the summer. Those fit underneath the Ninja pants satisfactorally. I found a plain white sweater that fits under the hooded Ninja top. Whew. Then I found my black "rope" belt from my Professor Macgonnagle (sp?) costume from 2004. I'll cut that up to make some fancy strappy wrists wraps (that were shown in the original picture of his costume but that his mother never bothered to make sure were in the package before bringing it home). Well, our ninja may turn out alright after all. Except...
  • Been dealing with Matthew lying to us about a friends YouTube account...only to find out last night that there's a video on the kids page that Matthew is in! AND they made the video a week ago when Ken let Matt go over to rollerblade. AND Matt has mentioned this kids "funny" YouTube videos NON-STOP for the past week and NEVER mentioned that he was in a video. But apparently his mom knew about it. URGH! There are SO many things wrong with this situation that I can't even continue - URGH URGH URGH. Kids today! For this exact reason, Matthew does NOT use (well, hardly ever uses) our home computer.

So, as you can see, I'll be happy to get through this weekend and into November where I hardly have a single thing that I HAVE TO do - ahhhhh - deep breaths!

I hope to post some Halloween photos on Friday (if I make it to Friday - ha ha ha).

I've had so many other blogging ideas lately - I just haven't found the time to post. I'll just keep an rolling list for "someday".

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Jill said...

Don't you feel like life is just in fast forward? And you still manage to get about a million things done each day? And deal with a million and one kid issues?

Congrats on being able to juggle it all. It's not easy.