Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wee One and NASCAR

So we took the kids to the Dover, DE NASCAR race yesterday and boy was it a LONG day. We left the house around 9:30am and didn't get home until 9:45pm (or thereabouts). We had never been to the track before - and it is literally right off a road lined with strip malls, fast food restaurants and a full-scale Mall (5 minutes away).

The Monster Mile was everything people have said about it - and then some! Matthew and I watched most of the race from the seats and I think he had his eyes on his Nextel scanner more than anything. Ken took care of Casey - in and out of the seats...and finally to the car for some shade and quiet entertainment. The last part of the race was amazing and had everyone standing on their feet. It was truly a defining moment in "The Chase".

I really don't mention that we watch NASCAR very often. And I didn't watch it prior to meeting Ken. But he says he didn't watch it all that often before I guess that makes it one of "our things". Matthew started going to the Pocono races with his grandparents about 4 years ago - and yesterday was Casey's first race. It's now a family affair (except for Peanut of course).

Next year we'll probably try another new track - maybe Watkin's Glen or New Hampshire. If my sister is still in Kansas next spring, perhaps we'll get tickets to that race. Ken's goal is to get me to agree to renting an RV and spending an entire race weekend somewhere. My goal is to wait until Casey is a little older and can sit through an entire race with the headgear on!

On the car-ride down, I was able to get some knitting done on the baby blanket and started Sondra's sweater (but I won't tell her because then she'll be checking for progress every other hour!) .

I also heard word that my darling friend Dora has finished my socks for our sock exchange. Here's a picture of Casey wearing one of socks I made Dora, and one of Matthew's Red Sox Socks on her arms as mittens:

casey august 23 2008 001

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Dora said...

Oh my gosh and a closet NASCAR fan too. We must be sisters. The socks are going in the mailbox tomorrow along with goodies. :)

I won't tell my hubby you went to the race, he will be soooo jealous. At least is was a great finish.