Thursday, September 18, 2008

Progress and the trip to K.C.

Last weekend I flew to K.C. with Casey to visit my sister and her kids (my brother-in-law is in Iraq). It was a nice trip but I did NO knitting - can you, not knitting for 4 whole days! It was pretty crazy. Casey and I aligned our days around their schedule so there was a lot of "normal" stuff she and I missed as well. Ah, there's no place like home!

Before the trip I had started a baby blanket for John's baby (his name is Jason I came to find out) and had been gauging for Stefanie Japel's Cathode, unsuccessfully I might add. As mentioned, I had been planning to use the Lion Brand Homespun that was sitting in my stash from a frogged project and I wasn't making gauge (too few stitches) even though I was using the right weight yarn. Problem was, I also was stubborn and didn't think that going up the needle size would produce the same "fabric" (Sue used to tell me that I like dense "fabric" - she's right!). Finally, eureka, I got it! I doubled up the yarn and swatched again...success! And even better - I'll use up TWICE the amount of yarn - hooray! Here's a photo of where it stood early last night (it's now several inches longer and ready to start the coordinating color ribbing)...

cathode by stefanie japel september 17 2008 002

I think I'll use a clasp for the neckline instead of putting on the long collar. I'll probably wear it a bit more that way.

Here's the baby blanket progress...
johns baby blanket september 2008 002

And because I never posted pictures of them...

here's a shot of the dreaded bobbles from the Textured Sweater:

bobble sweater finished april 24 2008 001

I'm wearing this sweater today, and while I've worn it to work before, apparently NO ONE ever noticed. Or maybe it's that more people know I knit so they realize I've made it? :o)

...and here's a shot of Liz's really turned out fabulous (she's lucky it didn't fit me or I would have stolen it!!!)

lizs chunky green sweater 001

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Alyssa said...

oooo I like Liz's sweater, it's a good thing you didn't show me that or I would have stolen it!!