Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things I Miss

Being that the summer has come to an end I began to reminisce about things I miss in life...

1. Summer vacations as a kid - what more needs to be said?

2. Back to school clothes shopping - at the time I'm sure it was REALLY annoying for both me and my mom - but there's something for 'starting fresh' (especially when Fall weather used to actually require cozy clothes...and we weren't wearing shorts until November)

3. I have been missing the ability to run lately - a lot - for no apparent reason. Ok, well, maybe for SOME reason. Our town is having a 5K race in the coming weeks and I used to run TONS of 5Ks and even won some trophies for 1st and 2nd places. I was never a natural runner, but I really enjoyed it - and seriously, there's nothing like a final sprint with a brand new pair of springy sneakers! And I'll admit, breathing was a real chore for me (found out years later that I've probably had mild asthma all my life - how did my folks never pick up on this?!?) but I managed. But now I shouldn't run - according to my doctors. When I delivered my daughter a few years ago the delivery room nurse leaned so hard on my left leg, that she dislocated my kneecap. At the time I didn't realize what had happened. Months later, when my knee was still in so much pain, my doctor x-ray'd both caps and found that they were "offset" normally which is why the one probably dislocated during labor. I know, strange, right? Anyway, it explained some wear and tear I had taken over the years - and probably why I would get foot pains every now and then...the knee bon'z connected to the shin bone...the shin bon'z connected to the ankle bone...and so on. Bottom line: I miss pinning numbers to myself and making personal best records and chilly mornings when there's no way you should be wearing shorts and drinking beer and running to celebrate St Patricks day. But man, that was such a blast

4. And because this is my knitting blog, I'll end with this. I miss being able to talk to my grandmother about knitting. She taught me the basics about 15 years ago and I kept with it for a while and then took a long hiatus. Having gotten myself completely immersed back into it over the past couple years, my grandma has now all but forgotten she ever knit, or even taught me all that time ago. I try to show her things I'm working on and how I learned to do color work and cable and can even write patterns - but something gets lost on her - although I know she's excited to hear my stories and see what I'm making. I know she is proud of me regardless and I hope she knows "our" craft will be passed down to her great-granddaughter (who now pesters me to hold needles and play with yarn the same way I used to do her).

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