Friday, September 19, 2008

No MacGuyver tricks this time I'm afraid

I was on the set-up row from Bulky to Aran yarn on Cathode last night - and all was going well - until about 20 stitches in...when i heard a low....**kerrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ack!** (yes, crack). My immediate thought was "WTH - I don't think I've even used these size 5 Harmony interchangeables yet!"

So I pulled the right needle out, carefully making sure not to lose any stitches in the doing. Sure enough the needle had cracked diagonally in two. Egads!

I sent Knit Picks an email last night - I guess should follow up with a phone call as well. Man, it's just a tragedy to see a broken needle - you never get used to it when it happens, eh?

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