Monday, November 24, 2008

Stuff Stuff and More Stuff

Well we're almost into the final 10 posts before I hit the 100 mark - there are 147 contest entries and more and more folks sign upevery day! It's quite exciting! And I appreciate everyone spreading the good word of Choo Choo Knits around the world (yes...the world!)

So what's been happening lately with me? Honestly, I feel kind of scatter brained - and unorganized - which is totally NOT like me! I've got lists for presents and groceries and knitting and work. Then there are sub-lists: daily things, weekly things, monthly things. How and when did it get so confusing and hard to keep track of?

Here's a list of knitting I need to work on this week/weekend:
- Tweed Cape
- Japel's Wings Sweater (and ordering more yarn...darn it!!!)
- Ye Ol' Wives Tale (scarf for my mom)
- Tangled Yoke Sweater (at the part to begin sleeves - but want to use 2 circs instead of dpns - need second set of US5 tips to arrive - or do I already have them? again, confusion!)

Christmas shopping that needs to be done:
- Mom
- Secret Santa
- Chuck
- Papa
- Ken!!!

Other things to decide/do:
- Buy more Claritin-D (asap)

- Continue getting package together for winner of contest
- Cake design/theme for Casey’s birthday party
- Get cards for upcoming events: birthdays/babies/anniversaries
- Whether to go to Vermont on Friday (and if not, when?)
- What to do for New Yarn’s Eve (if anything)
- Do I stay on the Soccer Board for a few more years…or take a couple years off and rejoin?
- Realign bill paying with new payroll dates (from bi-weekly to bi-monthly – URGH!)

Things to resist:
- Eating too much at upcoming holiday/birthday parties

- Drinking too much at the company party (which shouldn't be too difficult since I'm fairly disciplined these days)
- Buying yarn that I’m not going to use right away
- “Gifts” for myself while buying for others

Things I want to do in 2009:
- Make a list of my favorite books and movies
- Write up the pattern for my sweater design (because I know it won’t get done this year)
- Paint the stairwell, living room and dining room of our house
- Be better at sharing photos in a more timely fashion
- Keep on top of my allergies and NOT get bronchitis (for once in my life!)

If your life needs help like mine, here are a few holiday shopping links (in no particular order):
Kaleidoscope Yarns - for everything else yarny/knitty/needly
Stefanie's new book - for wonderful new patterns!
(The Other)
Karen's shop - jewelry, etc.
Alyssa's shop - Beautiful hand dyed yarns

Well, there’s more on my brain – like why can’t they paint pedestrian “lanes” in the subway – but I think I’ve bored you enough for one day :o)

Besides – the more I blog, the closer we get to a winner!


Elaine said...

Once again I feel inadequate looking at your list of knitting that you plan to do this week. Sigh

Karen said...

What colors are you thinking about for your stairwell? I've been stumped on that question for seven years...

Thanks for the link! :)

Karen said...

Oh, littlebo = TheOtherKaren :)

Unknown said...

Happy knitting and Thanksgiving, in no particular order.

Turtle said...

lots ot do always but am ok! i do not really shop for gifts so that knocks a whole lot off the list. I do lots of baking and summer canning and crafting that gets incorporated into gifts. It helps! good luck, i am guessing you will be out on black friday!

Unknown said...

I'm really impressed by all your projects.